Kep1er Korean Dramas & Movies

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2018)

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #2157

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a South Korean television program which aired for the first time in 2010. The program features celebrities, most notably Korean pop idols singers and...

Queendom Season 2

Rank #3794

Following the success of “Queendom” in 2019, a fresh group of six all-female acts at various stages of their careers heads to the stage to duke it out in the...

Girls Planet 999 (2021)

Girls Planet 999

Rank #6734

A program surrounding female Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestants who have the same dream of debuting in an idol group despite having different languages and cultures. Their growth as they...

Kep1er DOUBLAST on Air

Rank #35641

Kep1er, who returned with their second mini album “DOUBLAST,” their new title song “Up!” will be performed for the first time, as well as their debut song “WA DA DA”...

Kep1er Debut Show

Rank #36115

Check out Kep1er’s chemistry and watch them play different games on their debut day! (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

Will This Work?: Melon Station (2021)

Will This Work?: Melon Station

Rank #36207

Golden Child’s Lee Jang Jun and AB6IX’s Jeon Woong interview various guests. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Kep1us Spin-off (2022)

Kep1us Spin-off

Rank #36316

Kep1er members creates vlogs during their break...

Kep1er Zone Seaaon 1

Rank #36448

Kep1er’s first travel reality show....

Kep1er View (2021)

Kep1er View

Rank #36462

Debut reality show for Kep1er, a girl group formed by the Mnet survival show, ‘Girls Planet 999’. (Source: Netfelix at MyDramaList)...

Lee Mu Jin Service (2022)

Lee Mu Jin Service

Rank #36745

“Lee Mu Jin Service” is a high-quality live content in which MZ generation’s representative singer-songwriter Lee Mu Jin, along with other artists, provides the best music service that catches the...

Kep1us (2022)


Rank #36951

Behind the scenes of the girl group Kep1er. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Kep1er Zone Season 2

Rank #37057

A sense of ‘UP’ mission to leave with Adola Travel Agency. (Source: U+Idol Live)...


Rank #37859

Kep1er members make a bucket list called BucKep 1ist and they try to complete it together. (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

Keptain Heroes

Rank #38220

In a galaxy, far, far away, there existed a special planet where heroes are born. We invite you to Keplanet. (Source: Kep1er Official YouTube)...

Hidden Singer Season 7

Rank #44203

Season 7 of the music variety show that puts a famous hidden singer against impersonators who say they have perfected the celebrity singer’s voice. A panel of experts and audience...

My Playlist (2022)

My Playlist

Rank #50224

“What songs do my idols spend time listening to?” “My Playlist” is a live music show that unveils a treasure-like playlist that fills my idol’s ears with happiness every day,...


Hello, You

Rank #99999

Idols meet their fans’ family (e.g. parents, spouses). (Source: MyDramaList)...