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Family Outing: Season 1 (2008)

Family Outing Season 1

Rank #519

Family Outing was a South Korean comedy-variety show; a part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on June 15, 2008, and was one of the top rated programs...

Roommate: Season 2 (2014)

Roommate Season 2

Rank #1159

A new season of Roommate was announced following the departure of several members. This season’s concept is Home share, Whole share, where the members not only live together but learn...

2016 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special (2016)

2016 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #2072

The episode features male and female K-pop entertainers, which competes in various sports competitions. At the championships, a total number of 8 events (4 in athletics, 2 in archery, 1...

Change Days Season 2

Rank #2817

Four couples and a two week trip. What’s the happy ending that those on the brink of breakup will choose? A familiar excitement and flutter, what will be their choices?...

Idol School (2017)

Idol School

Rank #6923

Idol School is a reality girl group survival show. The program aims to form a 9 members girl group out of 41 female participants, training them in singing and dancing...

IU's Palette (2020)

IU’s Palette

Rank #35416

IU’s Palette is a fun talk show with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The show mixes humor with two segments of music by covering songs and singing duets with the...

DNA Mate

Rank #36052

DNA Mate is an observational reality show focusing on siblings, a.k.a. DNA mates. We can enjoy watching celebrities’ daily lives and their unique dynamics with other siblings....

Witch Hunt Season 2

Rank #36306

More honest love stories are back! Witch Hunt has been given the ‘green light’ again and it’s back for more. A love counselling program, the legend is back! (Source: Naver)...

Idol Crown Prince (2012)

Idol Crown Prince

Rank #36943

Seven male idols mysteriously end up in the year 1515. Turns out King Lee Soo Geun needs a new Crown Prince. The male idols will each form a team with...

Late Night Ghost Talk (2021)

Midnight Horror Story Season 1

Rank #37117

The hosts read the scariest horror stories submitted by the public, searching for the best horror storyteller with the spookiest story winning a final prize of 444,444 won. (Source: HaEl987...

Human Condition (2012)

Human Condition

Rank #37229

This variety show follows the cast members around whilst they aim to complete the assigned mission of the week. The missions tend to act as social experiments about issues in...

Heroes (2010)


Rank #37471

A “popularity search variety”, where the female celebrities compete to find out which of them is more popular among citizens. Each week, the celebrities are divided into two equal groups...

Abnormal Summit: Season 2 (2016)

Abnormal Summit Season 2

Rank #37541

Season Two’s Episode 103 began with production changes. Chief Producer (CP) Lim Jung Ah was replaced by Cho Seung Wook who created KBS2 Yahaengsung or Night Star, and Hidden Singer...

Shaolin Clenched Fists (2015)

Shaolin Clenched Fists

Rank #37549

First season of the show, preceded by two specials, where celebrities going to the Shaolin Temple to train themselves in martial arts....

SeoulMate (2017)

SeoulMate Season 1

Rank #37802

Korean celebrities host foreigners for 2-3 days in their homes....

Problematic Men (2015)

Problematic Men Season 1

Rank #37881

The cast is given clues to guess the identity of the episode’s guests, and once the guests appear and are introduced, they and the cast are given a set of...

K-Pop Evolution

Rank #38219

What is K-Pop? How did it rise to worldwide prominence? This new 7-part series tells you everything you need to know – from its history to its hitmakers, its fandoms,...

Door-to-Door Salesmen (2020)

Door-to-Door Salesmen

Rank #38325

The “Visit Sales Group” is a door to door sales reality content featuring the process of visiting and selling a wide range of products to customers....

Idol Show: Season 3 (2008)

Idol Show Season 3

Rank #38573

A weekly Korean variety show hosted by the nation’s most popular teen idol groups. The main heroes of the third season are 2PM....

Same Bed

Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2: You Are My Destiny

Rank #38645

When something happens between a couple, it’s surprising how each person’s interpretation and memory of it differs from the other’s. By watching the daily life of a celebrity couple that...

Singing Battle (2016)

Singing Battle

Rank #38692

Celebrities from different working fields come together to have a vocal match after being trained. Who will be the winner?...

A Song For You 4 (2015)

A Song for You Season 4

Rank #38959

Global Request Show “A Song For You – Season 4” is back – being upgraded with more fun and various episodes! The story of national top K-pop stars struggling to...