K-TIGERS ZERO Korean Dramas & Movies

Mr. Trot (2020)

Mr. Trot Season 1

Rank #35959

Mr Trot became one of the most popular shows on Korean television. Currently, it is the highest-rated broadcast in cable television history in the country. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Cash Back (2020)

Cash Back

Rank #36267

The program is a new large-scale sports variety show that takes place on a set that’s over 1,200 pyeong (42,700 square feet). Three athletes who compete at the national level...

Voice Trot (2020)

Voice Trot

Rank #36274

A trot survival program where actors, singers, idols, and celebrities are the participants....

Chick High Kick (2021)

Chick High Kick

Rank #36387


I Can See Your Voice Season 8 (2021)

I Can See Your Voice Season 8

Rank #37320

I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are ‘good singers’ (sterminated vocalists) and ‘bad singers’...

Law of the Jungle - Stove League (2021)

Law of the Jungle – Stove League

Rank #39414

Law of the Jungle is a hybrid reality show combining elements of drama and documentary. The show is hosted by comedian Kim Byung Man, and each episode invites various celebrities...

We Play: Season 2 (2020)

We Play Season 2

Rank #39609

“We Play” is a unique variety show in which the cast members enjoy AR (augmented reality) games....

Whisper the Recipe (2020)

Whisper the Recipe

Rank #42620

Cook As You Hear. ASMR Cooking Quiz Show. (Source: youtube)...

Just Comedy (2020)

Just Comedy

Rank #45502

A program that consists of a variety of fun “short form dramas” that seeks to expand the comedy through collaboration with various genres such as webtoons, dramas, entertainment, and music....

TMI News Season 2 (2021)

TMI News Season 2

Rank #47067

In each episode, one or two topics are discussed, and idols (or programs/situations/places/songs) are ranked according to the topic. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Our Neighborhood Class (2021)

Our Neighborhood Class

Rank #99999

A variety show where the main cast collaborates with local communities and design experts in order to revive and showcase various neighbourhoods with final goal to reintroduce the locations as...

Veteran (2020)


Rank #99999

A Korean variety show that gives viewers a look at the dieting process of celebrities in need of a lifestyle change. During the first episode of the show, members decided...