JYJ Korean Dramas & Movies

Explorers of the Human Body (2007)

Explorers of the Human Body

Rank #527

Explorers of the Human Body’s aim was to answer curious questions about the human body, where the Super Junior members perform the answers by doing experiments with their own bodies....

Fruitful Trip (2016)

Fruitful Trip

Rank #36632

The JYJ members are going on a vacation! The boys likely really needed it because of their busy schedules…but wait what? They’re going to be suffering in their vacation?...

Miss Trot Season 2 (2020)

Miss Trot Season 2

Rank #37626

Miss Trot 2 is a trot audition program where 121 contestants compete. The winner wins prize money and also a chance to record a single. In every episode, seventeen music...

Tomorrow’s National Singer

Rank #39080

‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’ is a large-scale audition project that anyone who loves singing and has a craving for the stage can participate in, regardless of age, genre, nationality or gender....

Sharing House (2019)

Sharing House

Rank #40628

“House of Sharing” is a reality program in which stars share their personal belongings while living together in a house. It highlights the worldwide phenomenon of a “sharing economy” by...

Double Trouble

Rank #40726

A music contest program in which 10 ‘uncontrollable’ idols representing the music industry compete for the ‘best duet’ spot. (Source: Naver)...