JUST B Korean Dramas & Movies

UNDER19 (2018)


Rank #2542

This show introduces singers, rappers, dancers and also people who are able to produce music or choreography. The goal of this show is to create a new-generation K-pop group with...

Jaechan's Dream (2022)

Jaechan’s Dream

Rank #35126

Time for precious conversation for everyone who dreams. This time, it’s a dream for you and me. (Source: Korean = now.naver.com || Translation = MyDramaList)...

JUST B's Baam Escape (2021)

JUST B’s Baam Escape

Rank #35150

JUST B’s true free time comes around every night as they escape their dorms to participate in fun activities. The only catch is is that they must make it back...

Welcome to My Baverse (2021)

Welcome to My Baverse

Rank #36056

An encounter with the true ‘me’ that we face from the deep inside. Baverse Studio’s ‘Musician Brain Digging Documentary’ series, “Welcome To My Baverse” explores the hidden side of musicians...

Wonderland (2019)


Rank #36122

Members of Under Nineteen‘s debuting boy group 1THE9 showed off unexpected charms and new sides of themselves. The reality show, premiered ahead of the boys’ upcoming debut on April 12,...

Right! Just That!

Rank #36623


The Fan (2018)

The Fan

Rank #39173

A new type of survival show is here. Hottest stars in the industry try to find the next future stars. Stars become the fan of the future stars and try...

JUST B RAGE Trilogy MV Commentary

Rank #39597

JUST B reunites in this 25-minute special to recall all of their past MVs while explaining and commenting the RAGE series, which includes JUST BURN, JUST BEAT and JUST BEfire-arm...

Just B.cut (2021)

Just B.cut

Rank #40088

Behind the scenes of the achievements of the K-Pop group “JUST B”. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Just B.hind (2021)

Just B.hind

Rank #46369

Behind the scene clips and videos of the K-Pop group “JUST B”. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Just B.ucket List (2022)

Just B.ucket List

Rank #99999


Just B-Log (2022)

Just B-Log

Rank #99999

Daily vlogs of K-Pop group “JUST B”....

I Saw the MV.ssul

Rank #99999


Bebe Dol

Rank #99999