Judge Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies


Rank #423

Ryu Sung Joon, Ryu Sung Hoon and Jo Eun Ki become involved in a serial tragic end case involving jury members as the victims. These three individuals try to uncover...

Love in Contract

Rank #3190

Undeniably attractive, talented, and charming, Choi Sang Eun is the living definition of the perfect partner. This is exactly why instead of marrying, she chooses to employ her sterminates as...

Drama Special Season 6: Funny Woman

Drama Special Season 6: Funny Woman

Rank #3988

A drama about a comedian who is sad because she’s not funny and a judge who doesn’t know how to laugh. Ko Eun Ho is a plain Jane wannabe comedian...

Romance Special Law (2017)

Romance Special Law

Rank #7255

Judge Jung is the youngest to be a judge and is considered the idol of the judges. He is a gentle and kind man whose hobby is volunteering and specialty...

Father vs. Son

Father vs. Son

Rank #99999

Judge Park Ki Pung lost his wife on the day his son Soo Seok was born. As a result of this tragedy, Ki Pung ignores his son, and Soo Seok...