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Infinite Challenge (2005)

Infinite Challenge

Rank #1069

Infinite Challenge is recognized as the first “Real-Variety” show in Korean television history. The program is largely unscripted and follows a similar format of challenge-based reality television programs, familiar to...

We Got Married: Season 4 (2012)

We Got Married Season 4

Rank #1434

The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, while interviews with the participants...

Mama the Idol

Rank #1635

A program that contains the re-trying of idols of legendary stars who left us due to childbirth and childcare. (Source: Naver)...

Strong Heart (2009)

Strong Heart

Rank #2390

About twenty guest stars tell emotional (strong) stories to make people cry or laugh. The best storyteller wins the show. Strong Heart gives viewers and fans a chance to look...

She Knows Everything (2020)

She Knows Everything

Rank #6917

Mysterious cases take place at an apartment complex which is about to go under reconstruction. Lee Goong Bok is a real estate agent that works with apartments there. She has...

Wednesday Gourmet (2015)

Wednesday Gourmet

Rank #36787

A food information show where the hosts share their knowledge about the history of famous and popular restaurants....

Convenience Store Restaurant (2019)

Convenience Store Restaurant

Rank #36989

“Convenience Store Restaurant” will follow six celebrities who know their food as they share dishes that they’ve created. There will be a judging panel and the dish that wins will...

Heroes (2010)


Rank #37471

A “popularity search variety”, where the female celebrities compete to find out which of them is more popular among citizens. Each week, the celebrities are divided into two equal groups...

Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 (2009)

Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2

Rank #38264

The new season of the KBS variety game show, ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2’! The first season aired in 1999 until 2003 and created a national craze. Now, the...

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (2014)

Please Take Care of My Refrigerator

Rank #38519

“Chef & My Fridge” is a cooking entertainment program where viewers can get recipes, tips on food storage, and other useful information from expert chefs while also getting a glimpse...

I Can See Your Voice Season 9

Rank #38677

I Can See Your Voice” is a mystery music game show. The guest artist(s) must attempt to guess between six contestants who are ‘good singers’ (sterminated vocalists) and ‘bad singers’...

X-Man (2003)


Rank #39111

The show features celebrities divided into 2 groups and working on finding the secret X-Man, whose main mission is to disrupt the teamwork of his team and keep his identity...

Girl Spirit (2016)

Girl Spirit

Rank #42418

Girl spirit is a South Korean reality television singing competition. The aim of the show is to highlight the talents of the vocalists of twelve lesser-known girl groups that debuted...

Invincible Youth Season 2 (2011)

Invincible Youth Season 2

Rank #42475

The second season follows the same format of the first season, with different girl group members and took place in a fishing village in Daebu Island, Ansan, Gyeonggi Province....

Mamma Mia (2013)

Mamma Mia

Rank #44115

Mamma Mia is a talk show in which Korean celebrities and popular figures bring their mothers. (Source: Wikipedia)...

The Romantic and Idol: Season 2 (2013)

The Romantic and Idol Season 2

Rank #51081

For 4 days and 3 nights, the 8 idols selected should select another to remain as a couple they should also vote with who they want to stay....

Raid the Convenience Store (2017)

Raid the Convenience Store

Rank #99999

“Raid the Convenient Store” was broadcasted for the first time in January as a pilot program. Lee SooGeun, Yoon Dujun, and Wendy were the MCs for the program. Because it...

Kko Kko Tours Single Single: Season 1 (2008)

Kko Kko Tours Single Single: Season 1

Rank #99999

Kko Kko Tours Single Single is a South Korean celebrity dating reality-variety show that aired on KBS2 from September 21 to November 23, 2008 as a segment in Happy Sunday....

We Are A Family

Rank #99999


Eat More (2020)

Eat More

Rank #99999

In “Eat More”, a new food/talk show, Im Ji Ho presents the best soul food only made for the guest. With Kang Ho Dong and Hwang Je Sung, he lives...

First Day of Work (2014)

First Day of Work

Rank #99999

“First Day of Work” (Korean: 오늘 부터 출근) is a Korean variety show on tvN that started on September 20, 2014. Real-life workplace variety shows that allows artists to experience...