JBJ95 Korean Dramas & Movies

Show Me The Money: Season 5 (2016)

Show Me the Money Season 5

Rank #1402

The format of each season varies, but generally, consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...

Escape Idols 2 (2020)

Escape Idols Season 2

Rank #35257

Returned more vividly, more fun, and more intensely. Escape Room Reality shot *24 HOURS LIVE* ‘ESCAPE IDOLS 2’ with Kim Dong Han, CIX Hyunsuk, JBJ95 Sanggyun, A.C.E Byeongkwan, Hong Jin...

Playing Oppa (2019)

Playing Oppa

Rank #36208

A V LIVE x WHYNOT TV collaboration. Lee Hong Ki is the main host of this new variety show, where he will invite different idols every week to play games...

Just Be Joyful JBJ (2017)

Just Be Joyful JBJ

Rank #36599

The reality show follows a new idol group JBJ’s transformation from trainees to an official idol group while showing each member’s daily life as an ordinary young adult taking an...

JBJ All the Time! (2017)

JBJ All the Time!

Rank #37404

A series of short videos that features JBJ members behind the scenes of album photoshoots, MVs, music shows and more! (Source: olivestulip at MyDramaList)...

Topp Dogg: All-Kill (2016)

Topp Dogg: All-Kill

Rank #37689

ALL-terminate: The ultimate definition of success. Hip-hop group Topp Dogg is here to win you over with their perseverance as they take on fan-submitted missions in Soompi’s first original web variety show,...

Idol Dabang: Season 1 (2019)

Idol Dabang Season 1

Rank #38151

“Idol Dabang” is a variety show where Yoo Seon Ho and Andy (Shinhwa) transform into baristas and deliver an “energy recharging” space to help idols who are exhausted due to...

Escape Idols (2019)

Escape Idols Season 1

Rank #47015

‘ESCAPE IDOLS’ Escape Room Reality shot *24 HOURS LIVE* with Tony Ahn, Great Library, Cross Gene Wonho, Yu Jaehwan, Pentagon Shinwon, JBJ95 Kenta....

JBJ Honbab (2018)

JBJ Honbab

Rank #99999

BerryTV’s mukbang series featuring JBJ’s Sanggyun and Donghan. They achieve individual conquest magnets after eating by themselves at a restaurant of their choice in Seoul. Inspired by SNS’s popular hashtag...

Survival of your Bias (2020)

Survival of your Bias

Rank #99999

Debate show. The idols will debate to guess the choice of the fans right. They have to complete a mission if they fail to guess even a question....

Topp Dogg Project (2015)

Topp Dogg Project

Rank #99999

A music reality show for Topp Dogg to re-introduce themselves with their fourth EP “The Beat”. From bungee jumping to shooting self-produced MVs, Topp Dogg members are determined to showcase...