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Megastar:D (2020)


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Is MBTI Scientific?

Rank #99999

Boygroup WEi debates whether the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is scientific or not by proving how well they know each other. (Source: dyr at MyDramaList)...

WEi Chemi-Mate ZZG

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In the jungle-like world of millionaires, being rich isn’t enough. Partnership is a must for children of millionaires. WEi members pose as charming junior of the millionaires families and go...

Parasite Challenge: WEi

Rank #99999

They’re spending their dream holidays at a luxurious house. However, there’s one immense twist in this house. (Source: Universe)...

The Playlist (2021)

The Playlist

Rank #99999

‘The Playlist’ is a program where celebrities will share their personal music playlists and talk about the special moments associated with music. Further, the guesting artists will have the opportunity...

Q&A Machine (2019)

Q&A Machine

Rank #99999

K-pop idols answer questions from fans...

Aiki's Thumbs Up (2022)

Aiki’s Thumbs Up

Rank #99999

Talking with dance, dancing with talk? Aiki’s red flavor dance & talk show! (Source: Korean = Naver Now || Translation = MyDramaList)...

Topp Dogg Project (2015)

Topp Dogg Project

Rank #99999

A music reality show for Topp Dogg to re-introduce themselves with their fourth EP “The Beat”. From bungee jumping to shooting self-produced MVs, Topp Dogg members are determined to showcase...

JBJ Honbab (2018)

JBJ Honbab

Rank #99999

BerryTV’s mukbang series featuring JBJ’s Sanggyun and Donghan. They achieve individual conquest magnets after eating by themselves at a restaurant of their choice in Seoul. Inspired by SNS’s popular hashtag...

Idol Tour (2017)

Idol Tour

Rank #99999

It is a variety show made to provide busy idols with a healing vacation. Every week, the cast and guests (mainly 2 members of an idol group) go for a...