Intellectual Disability Korean Dramas & Movies

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)

Miracle in Cell No. 7

Rank #10

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a 2013 South Korean drama film directed by Lee Hwan-kyung. The movie follows the story of a mentally challenged man named Yong-gu, who is...

Inseparable Bros (2019)

Inseparable Bros

Rank #409

Se Ha has a brilliant mind and an impressive way with words, which he uses to fight back against the prejudices of society and Dong Goo, a man with outstanding...

Marathon (2005)


Rank #1154

Kyung Sook finds out that her son Cho Won is autistic and feels devastated. But she firmly believes that there is something Cho Won can do very well. Kyung Sook...

A Christmas Carol (2022)

A Christmas Carol

Rank #1784

‘A Christmas Carol’ is a story about a twin brother who goes to a juvenile detention center on his own to avenge the death of his twin brother. ~~ Adapted...

Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool (2008)

Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool

Rank #2227

“Every village has its fool”, this is basically what happens in a Miracle of the giving fool (BA:BO), Seung Ryong at a young age suffers an accident with his father....

Innocence (2020)


Rank #2335

Tells the story of a lawyer named Jung In trying to prove her mother’s innocence and uncover the secrets of a small village with the help of the local mayor....

Herb (2007)


Rank #4206

Sang Eun is a pretty 20 year old girl who is warm hearted and possess an extraordinary gift for folding paper into various figures. She has a loving mom and...

Temptation of Wife

Temptation of Wife

Rank #4445

Dreaming of studying in France, Goo Eun, who majored in make-up at university, is taken advantage of one night while drunk. Discovering that she was pregnant, she marries her assailant...

Barbie (2012)


Rank #5595

Soon Young is a young girl who is the head of her family. She lives with her mentally handicapped father , unscrupulous uncle and younger sister Soon Ja who is...

A Man in a Veil (2020)

A Man in a Veil

Rank #6643

After a childhood accident, Tae Poong’s development is stunted. He’s caught between two sisters, warm-hearted Yu Jung who waits for Tae Poong, and Yu Ra, Yu Jung’s twin sister who...


Hello, God

Rank #6799

The story is about a bright and innocent 27 years old guy with an IQ of 65. Because of his issues he is ignoranceed by society and frowned upon, but...

The Drop Box (2016)

The Drop Box

Rank #37524

The weight of life in the little box is indescribable! “The Drop Box” is the biggest and warmest place on Earth. There is a place that’s warmest in Seoul Jesus...

The Soup (2018)

The Soup

Rank #37607

Based on a true tale, the story of an ex-con who enters a house without being invited to live with a married couple with intellectual difficulties and a seven-year-old daughter....

The Preparation (2017)

The Preparation

Rank #40853

A warm view of a mother who is diagnosed with terminal cancer prepares herself to leave her family and her son who is intellectually disabled....

Gogo Song (2019)

Gogo Song

Rank #42505

This trilogy drama is about Gong Seon Hwa (32 years old), a social welfare worker who’s getting married to Kang Won Hyung (30 years old), a Korean culinary chef, portrayed...

Stone Skipping (2020)

Stone Skipping

Rank #43728

Seok Goo is a man in his 30’s, but has the intelligence of an 8-year-old. He runs a rice mill in a village, where kind neighbors and friends live nearby....

Iri (2008)


Rank #59774

30 years after the explosion at Iri station (Iksan, South Korea) the city has changed its name, rebuilt itself, but the people still carry the scars. Jin-seo is one of...

Dirty Romance (2017)

Dirty Romance

Rank #99999

Cheol Joong who is struggling to survive, takes care of his sister Mi Joong who is severely handicapped. Mi Joong likes her brother’s friend Chang Gi who doesn’t even want...

Your Face (2020)

Please Make Me Look Pretty

Rank #99999

Eun Eun draws caricature of people at the Munhori Free Market in Yangpyeong. She has a developmental disorder (Down’s syndrome), but that doesn’t affect the passionate “Your Face” writer. Eun...

A Fresh Girl

A Fresh Girl

Rank #99999

Female high school student Cheong Ah supports her family after her father became disabled. She begins working part-time at a gas station. She becomes desperate as another horrific incident happens...