Insecure Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The Box (2021)

The Box

Rank #1012

A jukebox musical film about an aspiring singer and a washed-up music producer who used to be a big shot in the industry. Together, they embark on a musical journey...


Rank #1454

Since childhood, Cha Si Won has realised that only people with good looks will grow to be popular, and he has made it a personal goal to achieve popularity by...

You Raise Me Up (2021)

You Raise Me Up

Rank #2999

A comedy-drama surrounding Do Yong Shik, who is experiencing decreased intimate drive in his 30s, as he reunites with his first love Lee Ru Da, who is his urologist. 31-year-old...

Where to Go (2018)

Where to Go

Rank #6285

Ki Hyuk, moves to a new place to overcome his broken heart. There are no people like himself and no jobs are even available. One day, he meets Sang Woo...

The Beast and the Beauty

The Beast and the Beauty

Rank #6372

Dong Gun has a serious complex of sorts. He has low self-esteem about his appearance, particularly a scar that sits next to right eye-brow. His world changes when he drives...

Queer Movie Beautiful (2018)

Queer Movie Beautiful

Rank #7477

This is the story of one gay boy who suffers from appearance-complex, starts stealing his ideal friend’s photos at Gay dating application. (Source: Vimeo)...

What Happened to Mr. Cha? (2021)

What Happened to Mr. Cha?

Rank #8469

With the image of a gentle and perfect man, Mr. Cha enjoyed immense popularity in the 90s but he is now a has-been who reminisces about his glory days and...