Inner Monologue Korean Dramas & Movies

My Liberation Notes

Rank #265

Set in Sanpo Village where more people leave than remain, the three Yeom siblings, Chang Hee, Mi Jung, and Ki Jung, wish to escape from a life rife with uncertainty....

Broke Rookie Star

Rank #6363

A growing comedy drama depicting the salty daily life of an idol who suffers from hardships despite rising to stardom. (Source: Naver)...

Choco Bank

Choco Bank

Rank #7306

Kim Eun Haeng is a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure to give him a lucky start in life by bestowing him with a name that means...

The Sex Across My Door (2021)

The Sex Across My Door

Rank #45857

My homophobic mom broke into my house one day and started living with me. Homo intimate is the only way to get rid of my mom. We endure each other’s...

I Like You

I Like You, Unnie

Rank #55102

Tae Gyeong and Shin Lee Young, two post-graduates, reunite for the first time in a year. When Lee Young suddenly kisses Tae Gyeong in a drunken frenzy, hidden secrets and...

I'm Horny Now!

I’m Horny Now!

Rank #58980

Love story of a naughty taxi driver and a wicked gay boy....

The Cage (2017)

The Cage

Rank #59424

A tale of a man coming back to his troubled home-town becomes a meditation on the queer body and the geography of identity. By dislocating the narrative, this neo-noir film...