Inferiority Complex Korean Dramas & Movies

Just One Bite (2018)

Just One Bite

Rank #2704

When three hungry girls meet, sharing love lives is a must! If it tastes good, 0 calories; if you gossip about romance while you eat, -999999 calories. (Source: Dramawiki)...

Breakup Probation

Breakup Probation, A Week

Rank #4621

Completely in love, Park Ga Ram and Kim Seon Jae were eagerly counting down the days to their wedding. But before either of them could say their vows, tragedy struck....

Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019)

Woman of 9.9 Billion

Rank #4831

Jung Seo Yeon grew up with an damaging actions father. Then she escaped to begin again with an affectionate and loving man; unfortunately that chapter in her life was brief....

Operation Proposal (2012)

Operation Proposal

Rank #6581

Kang Baek Ho and Ham Yi Seul have been best friends since elementary school. Baek Ho has never acknowledged his attraction to her, unaware that Yi Seul has been in...

Miss Monte-Cristo (2021)

Miss Monte-Cristo

Rank #7838

Eun Jo, Ha Ra, and Se Rin used to be best friends when they were still young and innocent. However, their pure friendship vanished as they grew up. Ha Ra...

Mask Girl

Rank #34544

Kim Mo Mi is an ordinary office woman with a severe sense of inferiority in appearance, and is caught up in various incidents while as an internet broadcasting BJ with...

Mepsi Meow (2017)

Mepsi Meow

Rank #49129


Home Sweet Home (2010)

Home Sweet Home

Rank #49445

Kim Jin Seo and Mo Yoon Hee are high school classmates and rivals whose different family backgrounds shaped their characters and their paths towards love and success in adulthood. Jin...