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House of Hummingbird (2019)

House of Hummingbird

Rank #2387

In 1994, Eun Hee, 14 years of age, is the runt of three children, sibling to a delinquent middle sister and an overachieving but violent elder brother. Her parents run...

Just Friends? (2009)

Just Friends?

Rank #4995

Min Soo is on leave from the military and visits his boyfriend Seok Yi. While having fun out on the town, they run into Min Soo’s mother! When Min Soo’s...

Maggie (2019)


Rank #6754

The discovery of X-ray photographs of intimate intercourse causes trouble at a hospital. The hospital administration is more interested in who might be in the x-rays than who took them....

Juvenile Offender (2012)

Juvenile Offender

Rank #6976

16-year-old Jang Ji Gu takes care of his ill grandfather, while he hangs out with other troubled kids. He was abandoned by his parents at an early age. After another...

Boys of Tomorrow (2007)

Boys of Tomorrow

Rank #7625

Earning a living as a driver for rent, Ki-su lives in a studio flat in the basement floor. When he feels choked up, he tries not to let go of...

Goodbye Summer (2019)

Goodbye Summer

Rank #8429

Hyun Jae is only 19-years-old, but he has a terminal illness and he does not have much time left to live. He leaves the hospital and goes back to high...

The King of the Border (2019)

The King of the Border

Rank #37362

Yoo Jin who has been studying movie is coming to Poland to meet her old friend. Dong Chul who has also been studying movie is coming to Ukraine to meet...

My Dear Yeon (2021)

My Dear Yeon

Rank #40266

Yeon and Hwang Ju Hwang are close friends who look at each other with affectionate eyes. Ju Hwang, who is often exposed to her father’s domestic harsh, commits self-harm in...

Mother (2015)


Rank #42296


Chorogi (2018)


Rank #43551

Su Bin and her mom wait for their father at the playground. Meanwhile, there is a stranger who is watching them. Suddenly, he comes up to them and follows to...

Apricot (2021)


Rank #44486


404 Not Found (2018)

404 Not Found

Rank #45892

The early 2000s, Ji Hwan who is transferred from Daegu to Chilgok falls for Eun Ah who moved from the same town. One day, Eun Ah suggests him to go...

Moving On (2020)

Moving On

Rank #47726

Teenage girl, Ok Joo, her younger brother, and her dad begin to live together in their grandpa’s house. Ok Joo’s aunt comes to visit from time to time. There, Ok...

OJT: On the Job Training (2017)

OJT: On the Job Training

Rank #49271

An assistant manager whose promotion is long due has to train a new employee who – or rather, which – is in fact an artificial intelligence. Along the course, the...

Zombie Crush in Heyri (2020)

Zombie Crush in Heyri

Rank #49277

The three women friends struggle to protect a village from the turmoil caused by the sudden appearance of zombies. In the peaceful Heyri Art Village in Paju, three friends: Jin-seon,...



Rank #50341

Hye Hwa works as an assistant to a veterinarian. Hye Hwa spends a lot of her time saving abandoned animals. One day, while she is out trying to save a...

Our Body (2019)

Our Body

Rank #51703

An overeducated, disenchanted woman, Ja Young, loses her ambition after many grueling years of studying for the public official exam. Which she has failed multiple times. One lonely evening, a...

The Tale of Mari and Yimae (2021)

The Tale of Mari and Yimae

Rank #51942

One day, Mary, the daughter of a dokkaebi (goblin) hunter, stumbles upon Yi Mae, a dokkaebi, who was trapped in a mountain and saves him. Mary runs away from her...

Fukuoka (2020)


Rank #52088

Back in college, Je Moon and Hae Hyo were bosom buddies, but their friendship foundered when they both fell in love with the same woman, Soon Yi. 28 years later,...

Worst Friends

Worst Friends

Rank #52330

Losing a friend in delirious Seoul. ~~ Short film made at the Korea National University of Arts Department of Film Graduation Workshop....

Welcome to the Guesthouse (2020)

Welcome to the Guesthouse

Rank #53740

Joon Geun, a university student who postponed his graduation to look for work, gets kicked out of the dormitory because he failed to apply for a winter semester. He has...

A French Woman (2020)

A French Woman

Rank #53757

Mira, in her late 40´s, has been living in Paris for around 20 years. Having just divorced her French husband, she decides to visit Korea, and meets her old friends,...

Where Is My DVD? (2013)

Where Is My DVD?

Rank #54239

Go Gi Hwan is an actor who has starred in a number of short films, however, he couldn’t get any of the DVDs from the directors. He decides to collect...

My Eggs (2020)

My Eggs

Rank #54787

Su Jin dreams of only dating and non-marriage. When she accidentally undergoes an egg freezing procedure, her daily life becomes very different. (Source: 반지하살롱 on Youtube)...