Househusband Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Honest Candidate (2020)

Honest Candidate 1

Rank #3233

A comedy about a third term congresswoman named Joo Sang Sook who is an expert liar, but one day can’t lie anymore, with only a day to go before the...

Bad Housewife

Bad Housewife

Rank #53822

The story is about Su Han, a fatherly man in his mid-thirties, who becomes a full-time home manager after voluntary retirement, while his wife Mi Na becomes the breadwinner who...

Do You Need A Husband? (2021)

Do You Need A Husband?

Rank #99999

Are you still looking for a husband? Why not try one out first? At the nagging of his wife, Joo Hee, househusband Chang Min looks for full-time work. Since he...