HKT48 Korean Dramas & Movies

IZ*ONE CITY (2019)


Rank #36641

A variety show about the kpop girl group, IZ*ONE....

Le Sserafim’s Day Off

Rank #36643

What does the LE SSERAFIM members do on their day offs after their promotions end? Watch to find out! (Source: Xavier Ng at MyDramaList)...

IZ*ONE Amigo TV (2018)


Rank #36843


Gym Jong Kook (2021)

Gym Jong Kook

Rank #38041

Kim Jong Kook’s personal youtube vlog, gym tips and guest workouts. (Source: XingBack at MyDramaList)...

Human Intelligence – The Most Perfect A.I. (2018)

Human Intelligence – The Most Perfect A.I.

Rank #39770

“Human Intelligence” is a sci-fi variety show about futuristic, cutting edge artificial intelligence that launches with the question, “What happens when human intelligence (the closest type of artificial intelligence to...

Everyone's Kitchen (2019)

Everyone’s Kitchen

Rank #41475

The program mainly focuses on “Social Dining”, which is what was lacking a lot following an increase in small families and single families. Kang Ho Dong, the main protagonist of...

The Idol Band: Boy's Battle (2022)

The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle

Rank #43596

“The Idol Band” is a Japan-Korea joint audition program that seeks idol boy bands that have the ability and visuals to lead popular music around the world, as well as...

Nextrend (2022)


Rank #99999

K-Pop groups sit down at NAVER NOW partaking in various games and chat together. (Source: MyDramaList)...