Hit And Run Korean Dramas & Movies

Secret (2013)


Rank #689

A man who does not believe in love, falls for a woman who has been hurt by it. Min Hyuk is wealthy, with everything but a good personality, He’s been...

Bravo, My Life

Rank #4009

Even though Seo Dong Hee comes from a poor family background, she has a bright and positive personality. She dreams of becoming a designer and slowly works her way to...

Oh! My Gran (2020)

Oh! My Gran

Rank #4433

The granny with dementia is the only witness of the day. In her mind, Moon Hee is ‘Secret Jouju’, the princess in TV animation. In reality, Moon Hee is a...

The Truth Beneath

The Truth Beneath

Rank #4476

After an extremely close national assembly race, Jong Chan wins the nomination of his party. He and his wife Yeon Hong are fully committed to the campaign and when their...

Over My Dead Body (2012)

Over My Dead Body

Rank #5675

This quirky black comedy revolves around an ambitious scheme for revenge with dead bodies. A scientist researching a cure for skin cancer makes headway until the head of the conglomerate...

She Knows Everything (2020)

She Knows Everything

Rank #6917

Mysterious cases take place at an apartment complex which is about to go under reconstruction. Lee Goong Bok is a real estate agent that works with apartments there. She has...

Successful Story of a Bright Girl (2002)

Successful Story of a Bright Girl

Rank #7479

Cha Yang Soon is a cute and innocent country girl who often daydreams of rescuing her prince. One day, she meets Han Ki Tae, who accidentally falls into her bathtub...