High School To Working Life Korean Dramas & Movies

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Rank #102

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life. Na Hee Do...

Delightful Girl

Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang

Rank #4696

The story begins when Lee Mong Ryong is transferred from Seoul to a high school in Namwon, North Jeolla Province. Choon Hyang does her best to help Mong Ryong, her...


Go, Back Diary

Rank #6165

A love story back in 2008. What will await the couple of 10 years at the end? (Source: Playlist Global)...

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (2014)

Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Rank #7115

Jang Guk is a country bumpkin who just transferred into a school in Seoul. She falls for Yoo Jun Su, the most popular boy in school. As her crush on...

Take Care of My Cat

Take Care of My Cat

Rank #52537

Five girlfriends in their early twenties live in the dingy port town of Incheon. A close-knit circle in high school, their paths begin to diverge as they step into the...