Healthy Lifestyle Korean Dramas & Movies

Summer Vacation (2020)

Summer Vacation

Rank #2020

We live in repetitive daily routines, and it is time to take a break to find the balance of our body and minds. To enjoy the summer vacation, the half-time...

RUN (2020)


Rank #41592

The show follows the cast as they participate in meet-ups at various runnings spots both in and outside of Korea to experience “the joy of running.” The four actors join...


Rank #41833

This show teaches you how to become healthier and more energetic through various ways. The host Kim Shin Young, who lost 38kg and has been maintaining a healthy body for...


Rank #48487

“Loveway” depicts a man and a woman who are interested in health and exercise, sharing their lifestyles and values ​​under one roof, and getting to know each other’s feelings. (Source:...

War on Obesity Fun Weight Loss (2018)

War on Obesity Fun Weight Loss

Rank #99999

War on Obesity Fun Weight Loss helps three obese celebrities for 49 days so that they can reach and maintain a healthy weight for a happier, healthier life....

Free Doctor (2021)

Free Doctor

Rank #99999

Find out all the know-how necessary for life with doctors in each field. All the prescriptions you need in life. (Source:

Choice of 7 Billion (2022)

Choice of 7 Billion

Rank #99999

Time to share the health secrets of 7 billion people around the world. Health signals! (Source: