Hardworking Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Issue Makers (2019)

Issue Makers

Rank #53385

Eun Hye who used to be a recognized editor of one of the best magazines for women in Korea quit her job and set up a start-up named Issue Makers....

TV Novel: A Sea of Her Own (2017)

TV Novel: A Sea of Her Own

Rank #54240

Set in the 1960s and 1970s, Yoon Soo In is consistently a top-ranked student in school, but due to her family’s struggling financial circumstances, she begins to work at a...

My Wonderful Life (2020)

My Wonderful Life

Rank #55402

A vegetable seller who barely makes ends meet, Park Bok Hee has learned to work hard throughout her life. Navigating her way through an adulterous husband and unhelpful relatives, she...

Everything Kimchi (2014)

Everything Kimchi

Rank #55955

A housewife who put all her hopes on her husband is abandoned by him. Her entire life is shattered to the core. Despite the betrayal of her husband and the...

Sunshine Love

Sunshine Love

Rank #58781

Kil Ho prepares for his civil service exam, but he prefers reading comics and hero books more than studying. He happens to meet Jung Sook who loved him when they...

Drama Special Season 12: TV Cinema - Landscape of Pain (2021)

Drama Special Season 12: TV Cinema – Landscape of Pain

Rank #99999

In a shabby neighborhood where serial criminals are disguised as lonely deaths occur, an elderly priest who hears the confession of a criminal and a middle-aged female detective work together...



Rank #99999

Oh Ji Ah is polite to her boss, kind to her subordinates, works hard and has a good social life. She gives her best to others but there’s never enough...

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

Rank #99999

There is a high school girl who academically excels at school. Her grade is so important to her mother that she cannot look away from her daughter even for a...