Golden Child Korean Dramas & Movies

Road to Kingdom (2020)

Road to Kingdom

Rank #360

Sequel of Queendom. Male artists will release songs on the same day at the same time to compete on music charts. Participating groups are: PENTAGON, ONF, GOLDEN CHILD, THE BOYZ,...

Idol Dictation Contest (2021)

Idol Dictation Contest Season 1

Rank #735

A spin-off version of the popular tvN variety series, ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’. Lee Tae Kyung PD has revealed that the spin-off program will go through a test-trial of...

Gol-Cha's Holiday Season 4 (2021)

Gol-Cha’s Holiday Season 4

Rank #35333

Golden Child gathers at Woojung Village and create their own friendship story!...

Ring it! Golden Child (2017)

Ring it! Golden Child

Rank #36206

Ring it! Golden Child is the second reality show of the South Korean boy band Golden Child. It airs every Tuesday at 7 p.m. KST through V Live....

Will This Work? (2021)

Will This Work?

Rank #36295

Golden Child’s Jang Jun and AB6IX’s Woong take part in various activities and challenges, while asking the question: “Will this work?” (Source: Pyochisu at MyDramaList)...

18 Again|Serim High After School Activity (2020)

18 Again|Serim High After School Activity

Rank #36572

Finding a Serim High Insider! After finishing the first and the second game, the person who wins overall becomes the “Insider”. “Insider” will get an incredible prize!!...

2017 Woollim Pick (2017)

2017 Woollim Pick

Rank #36902

2017 Woollim Pick is a South Korean pre-debut reality show aimed at introducing the members of Golden Child, a new boy band formed by Woollim Entertainment, 7 years after INFINITE....

Big Battle (2020)

Big Battle

Rank #43946


Sing Street (2020)

Sing Street

Rank #52822


On Air: The Secret Contract (2021)

On Air: The Secret Contract

Rank #99999

An interactive show in which the cast members will take comments from fans in real time and directly communicate with both online and offline audiences. Each show will be a...

Idol Dabang: Season 2 (2019)

Idol Dabang Season 2

Rank #99999

“Idol Dabang” is a variety show where Yoo Seon Ho and Andy (Shinhwa) transform into baristas and deliver an “energy recharging” space to help idols who are exhausted due to...

DongDong Game Center (2020)

DongDong Game Center

Rank #99999

In each episode of DongDong Game Center members of different Woollim Entertainment groups play video games....

Bingo Live (2020)

Bingo Live

Rank #99999

Korean artists reveal keywords on a bingo board and must quickly dance or sing to a song related to them. Depending on how many bingos they get, they can promote...

Can You Hear My Trip (2020)

Can You Hear My Trip

Rank #99999

The ASMR healing travel with your favorite K-pop Idol. What if you record the sound during traveling, especially ASMR? 4 popular travel spots, 4 your favorite K-pop Idol. It will...