Girls In The Park (GWSN) Korean Dramas & Movies

V-1 (2019)


Rank #41573

“V-1” will be a girl group vocalist survival program that picks the best “Vocal Queen” among Korea’s girl group members. The title is a combination of the letter “V” from...

Whisper the Recipe (2020)

Whisper the Recipe

Rank #42620

Cook As You Hear. ASMR Cooking Quiz Show. (Source: youtube)...

City Escape Live (2020)

City Escape Live

Rank #99999


Survival of your Bias (2020)

Survival of your Bias

Rank #99999

Debate show. The idols will debate to guess the choice of the fans right. They have to complete a mission if they fail to guess even a question....

Got Ya! GWSN (2018)

Got Ya! GWSN

Rank #99999

Mnet will be launching a reality program with a new format for Kiwi Media Group’s upcoming girl group GWSN. GWSN is short for the group’s Korean name, “Gong Won So...