Girl's Day Korean Dramas & Movies

House on Wheels (2020)

House on Wheels Season 1

Rank #582

These days, buying your own house seems to be as tough as winning the lottery since house prices have gone through the roof. What would it be like to have...

EXchange Season 2

Rank #609

EXchange is back with its second season, and the participants’ stories are more intriguing than ever. Four pairs of ex-couples must live under one roof and decide whether to reunite...

I Can See Your Voice Season 5 (2018)

I Can See Your Voice Season 5

Rank #1115

“I Can See Your Voice” is a program with the premise that there are a number of people in a group, some of whom can sing and some who can’t....

Transit Love (2021)

EXchange Season 1

Rank #1362

A dating reality program that will form a consensus about the breakup that everyone experiences at least once, such as reuniting with an ex-lover or meeting new people. (Source: Korean...

Master Key (2017)

Master Key

Rank #1388

The top stars will become attractive game players in order to participate in upgraded games, which are different from the former ones in other TV shows. All the players should...

Crime Scene: Season 3 (2017)

Crime Scene Season 3

Rank #1471

Mockup tragic end scene is replicated and cast and guests have to figure out who amongst them is the criminal....

My Daughter's Men 2: Dad is Watching (2017)

My Daughter’s Men Season 2

Rank #1719

Celebrity dads watch their daughters’ dates with their boyfriends. What will the dads talk about, and how will they react as they watch their daughters’ relationships?...

My Daughter's Men Season 3 (2018)

My Daughter’s Men Season 3

Rank #1795

Dads are watching! Celebrity dads watch as their daughters on a date in real time! As the dads observe what kind of men their daughters like and how they interact...

2016 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special (2016)

2016 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #2072

The episode features male and female K-pop entertainers, which competes in various sports competitions. At the championships, a total number of 8 events (4 in athletics, 2 in archery, 1...

Off To School (2014)

Off To School

Rank #36425

South Korean variety program where celebrities will be attending a selected high school as students for 3 days....

New Yang Nam Show (2017)

New Yang Nam Show

Rank #37120

The three hosts of the show talk and play fun games with celebrity guests in their pyjamas in a relaxed setting. (Source: betaseries)...

Girl's Day's One Fine Day (2015)

Girl’s Day’s One Fine Day

Rank #37132

Girl’s Day heads to Okinawa, Japan for a trip to relax and to partake in various missions....

Candy In My Ear (2016)

Candy in My Ear Season 1

Rank #37425

The new program has celebrities create bonds with strangers through conversations on the phone. The celebrities will reportedly create friendships with the strangers by revealing their inner secrets, dreams and...

Abnormal Summit: Season 2 (2016)

Abnormal Summit Season 2

Rank #37541

Season Two’s Episode 103 began with production changes. Chief Producer (CP) Lim Jung Ah was replaced by Cho Seung Wook who created KBS2 Yahaengsung or Night Star, and Hidden Singer...

Star Crews On Board (2019)

Star Crews On Board

Rank #37609

A flight attendant is considered as a dream job because it requires traveling all around the world, but that’s not all of the job descriptions. The show features four celebrities...

My Daughter's Men Season 4 (2018)

My Daughter’s Men Season 4

Rank #37860

“Do you like me? Why do you like me?” Questions that often appear on dates, will they change however if the daughters know their celebrity dads are watching them?! As...

Problematic Men (2015)

Problematic Men Season 1

Rank #37881

The cast is given clues to guess the identity of the episode’s guests, and once the guests appear and are introduced, they and the cast are given a set of...

Law of the Jungle in Papua New Guinea (2016)

Law of the Jungle in Papua New Guinea

Rank #38252

The program shows the survival of 25th generation of Byung Man’s Tribe in Papua New Guinea, a mysterious land with a variety of natural mysteries ranging from the Amazon jungle...

Hidden Singer: Season 2 (2013)

Hidden Singer Season 2

Rank #38577

Hidden Singer 2 is a Korean entertainment TV program broadcast on jTBC. A famous singer and several impersonators of the singer each sing one measure of a song behind the...

Real Men: Season 1 (2013)

Real Men Season 1

Rank #38587

Real Men is a South Korean variety show featuring celebrities as they experience life in the military....

Korea Coast Guard (2018)

Korea Coast Guard

Rank #38793

Four celebrities try their luck at being a maritime police officer and help solve any problem in the Busan see along with the Korea maritime police. (Source: MyDramaList)...

On and Off 2 (2021)

On and Off Season 2

Rank #39268

“On and Off” is a reality show that captures how stars take time to be themselves away from their public personas during their busy everyday lives. (Source: Soompi)...

2013 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special (2013)

2013 Idol Star Olympics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #39278

At the championships a total number of 10 events (7 in athletics, 2 in archery and 1 in futsal) were contested: 5 by men and 5 by women. There were...