Ghost Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Cheo Yong 2

Cheo Yong Season 2

Rank #2409

Detective Cheo Yong uses his abilities to interact with spirits to solve cases....

Drama Special Season 6: What is the Ghost Doing?

Drama Special Season 6: What Is the Ghost Doing?

Rank #3646

Cheon Dong’s first love, Moo Rim, appears in front of him for the first time in 8 years. She is now a ghost and demands that Cheon Dong finds her...

One Day (2017)

One Day

Rank #4019

A newly widowed insurance investigator handling the case of a woman in a coma after a car accident encounters her spirit when he visits her in a hospital one day...

Drama Special Season 3: Don't Worry

Drama Special Season 3: Don’t Worry, It’s a Ghost

Rank #5702

Moon Ki wakes up in the hospital and having lost his memory. Then, lovable and bright ghost Yeon Hwa appears in front of him....

The Vampire Lives Next Door To Us

The Vampire Lives Next Door To Us

Rank #7897

The Vampire Lives Next Door tells the strange fate entwined between a dead girl and a vampire. She drowned and her body was brought to a morgue, where the vampire...

Delivery Man (2023)

Delivery Man

Rank #34630

A young taxi driver finds himself with the ghost of a young woman in his car… and then a business proposition to offer rides to ghosts instead of humans. Together,...

Weird Housemates (2015)

Weird Housemates

Rank #56977

Bok Hui and Mal Ro are not your average housemates. Bok Hui has a crush on Mal Ro. The problem is that Bok Hui is a ghost and Mal Ro...

A Different Kind of Life (2008)

Living With a Sexy Ghost

Rank #99999

Jung Hyun is an ordinary virgin guy. Soo Ah is a intimatey ghost who did not have a cheerful life before death. Soo Ah then starts to train Jung Hyun...