GFriend Korean Dramas & Movies

Weekly Idol (2011)

Weekly Idol

Rank #1122

The main segment of the show, called “Idol of the Week”, features idol groups as the invited guests, and usually consists of several featured corners....

Gfriend's Memoria - Talk Show (2021)

Gfriend’s Memoria – Talk Show

Rank #35125

For this talk show, GFriend summons various episodes buried in memories. Including Sowon, who is in charge of MC, the members will take turns to select the theme written on...

YeoChin TV (2015)

YeoChin TV

Rank #35207

Show on official GFRIEND YT channel which takes us behind the scene of members’ everyday life....

GFriend's Memoria (2020)

GFriend’s Memoria

Rank #35332

The girls dropped their poster featuring the new name ‘GFriend’s Memoria’. The show had originally been named ‘GFriend’s Memorial’, but fans protested for obvious reasons. The name has now been...

LiveOne: GFRIEND Sunny Summer (2018)

LiveOne: GFRIEND Sunny Summer

Rank #35353

In this LiveOn episode, the girls sang “Time for the Moon Night”, “Vacation” and “Sunny Summer”. They also read and answered some fan’s questions...

The Future Diary (2018)

The Future Diary

Rank #35463

A Dingo x V LIVE original project. Two ‘best friends’ from an idol group write each other’s future; one member writes out ‘a future day’ for the other member, listing...

M Countdown (2004)

M Countdown

Rank #35566

M Countdown is a South Korean music program that features some of the latest and most popular artists who perform live on stage....

GFriend's Memoria - One-Half (2020)

GFriend’s Memoria – One-Half

Rank #35649

Due to heavy rain which caused by Typhoon Maysak on September 3, their plans for a season 3 were cancelled so they made an special episode on their dorm. Source:...

GFRIEND's MEMORIA in Gapyeong (2020)


Rank #35663

GFRIEND goes to Gapyeong to play mini games....

GFRIEND's MEMORIA - Cooking Show (2021)

GFRIEND’s MEMORIA – Cooking Show

Rank #35944

GFriend will be hosting a high-quality cooking show for fan club Buddy to mark her sixth anniversary of their debut. In this episode, GFriend challenges themselves to make dishes they...

GFriend's Memoria in Yangyang (2020)

GFriend’s Memoria in Yangyang

Rank #35992

The girls dropped their poster featuring the new name ‘GFriend’s Memoria’. The show had originally been named ‘GFriend’s Memorial’, but fans protested for obvious reasons. The name has now been...

GFRIEND's Memoria - New Year's Party (2021)

GFRIEND’s Memoria – New Year’s Party

Rank #36128

Members of GFRIEND had a new year’s party. They played different games and spent time together....

GFriend - Where R U Going!? (2016)

GFriend – Where R U Going!?

Rank #36150

GFriend’s Reality Show in Jeju....

GFRIEND's MEMORIA - Detective Gfriend (2021)

GFRIEND’s MEMORIA – Detective Gfriend

Rank #36155

GFriend who turned into a detective team runs a sharp reasoning instinct to solve the case. In this episode, GFriend is divided into two teams of three people and plays...

The Friends in Adriatic Sea (2017)

The Friends in Adriatic Sea

Rank #36199

For the past eight seasons, “The Friends” has sent some of Korea’s top celebrities on an overseas friendship travel/holiday trip! This time, Korea’s beloved female idol group GFriend sets off...

Playing Oppa (2019)

Playing Oppa

Rank #36208

A V LIVE x WHYNOT TV collaboration. Lee Hong Ki is the main host of this new variety show, where he will invite different idols every week to play games...

Girl Group Battle (2017)

Girl Group Battle

Rank #36497

Apink, EXID, Red Velvet, LABOUM, GFRIEND, DIA, Oh My Girl, and Gugudan take off their ranks and have an exciting confrontation in a 100% live karaoke showdown. (Source:

Mafia Dance (2018)

Mafia Dance

Rank #36764

The classic mafia game with a twist! Idols dance to their latest song but some members are ‘mafia’ and are hearing a different song instead. Can the other members spot...

Season B Season (2020)

Season B Season 1

Rank #37014

The channel is packed with content that 100% reflects the wishes of fans who requested. Accordingly, the concept is divided into 2 concepts, the “season” in which the public chooses...

New Yang Nam Show (2017)

New Yang Nam Show

Rank #37120

The three hosts of the show talk and play fun games with celebrity guests in their pyjamas in a relaxed setting. (Source: betaseries)...

GFriend Loves Europe (2016)

GFriend Loves Europe

Rank #37189

GFriend explorers 3 European countries : Hungary, Austria and Slovenia and have a fun journey there....

Fantastic Family – DNA Singer

Rank #37261

DNA Singers are family members of famous stars who take the stage to show off their singing sterminates. Through their voices and outward appearances alone, the panel must try to...