Gang Leader Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The Gangster

The Gangster, the Cop and the Devil

Rank #1222

Jang Dong Soo is a gang boss in Cheonan. He becomes the target of a serial criminal, Kang Kyung Ho, but ultimately survives the attack. He is the only person...

The New World (2013)

The New World

Rank #1275

An undercover cop Lee Ja Sung infiltrates South Korea’s largest crime organization and spends ten years rising in the ranks. When the head of the organization, Goldmoon, is terminateed, a...

Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time (2012)

Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time

Rank #4300

In 1982, Busan, South Korea’s second city, Ik Hyun is a corrupt customs officer on the verge of getting fired. When he comes upon a mother lode of heroin, he...

Friend (2001)


Rank #5167

At a time when students had to fasten their collars and crease their slacks till they’re razor-sharp, these four friends strutted around in their own custom-fashioned uniforms. They walked the...

My Boss

My Boss, My Hero

Rank #7855

When a young gang leader seems to be just a bit too stupid to effectively carry out his daily tasks – embarrassing his gang members and himself frequently – his...

For the Emperor (2014)

For the Emperor

Rank #8036

Yi Hwan is a former professional baseball player. He was involved in fixing games and lost everything. Gang boss Sang Ha runs a money lending business and a gambling location....



Rank #8491

Conspiracy and war which revolves around Asia’s biggest casino… “Someone who looks exactly like me suddenly appeared.” Before gang boss Jang Tae Young can open his casino ‘Siesta’, underground billionaire...

Running Wild

Running Wild

Rank #51081

Jang Do Young is a tough, short-tempered, somewhat jaded homicide detective. Most members of his department regard him as a troublemaker, and he has lost faith in the system. Jang...

The Cut Runs Deep (2000)

The Cut Runs Deep

Rank #99999

Born from a Hungarian father and a Korean mother, Ben is a young man who works as a deliveryman at a shabby back street in New York. He lives in...