G.o.d. Korean Dramas & Movies

One Night Food Trip Season 2 (2017)

One Night Food Trip Season 2

Rank #99999

The one-night food trip became even more powerful with the new season! During a one-night two-day trip, participants can use a single roulette game chance. In addition to that, the...

Suspicious Vacation (2016)

Suspicious Vacation

Rank #99999

A variety show in which two famous Korean celebrities (different celebrities for different destinations) travel to less travelled countries and embark on an unplanned or uncomfortable adventure on their own...

Operastar 2012 (2012)

Operastar 2012

Rank #99999


Who Am I

Rank #99999

Shows the viewers the ‘new side of the star they like’ in various ways. Their daily life and observations from those close to them will psychologically be analyzed by experts....

Today Tomorrow (2018)

Today Tomorrow

Rank #99999

Join these middle-aged men as they travel the country seeking ways to live and age healthily for a long life – a healthy today for a happy tomorrow. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Plan Man: Season 1 (2016)

Plan Man Season 1

Rank #99999

Plan Man is a South Korean travel-reality show. Hosted by Eun Ji Won, the concept revolves around Eun acting as a travel agent and planning a trip for the celebrity...

The Playlist (2021)

The Playlist

Rank #99999

‘The Playlist’ is a program where celebrities will share their personal music playlists and talk about the special moments associated with music. Further, the guesting artists will have the opportunity...

Earthian Live (2019)

Earthian Live

Rank #99999

The newest talk show invites Youtubers all around the world to Seoul! To discover cultural differences around the globe, the show gets videos from Youtubers from foreign countries. They are...

Hunman Jeongeum (2019)

Hunman Jeongeum

Rank #99999

Hosted by Kim Kim Seong Ju. Most of the guests are Korean artists who have worked or studied abroad in foreign countries, or have debuted abroad. The program is set...

Quality Between Music (2020)

Quality Between Music

Rank #99999

A Music quiz show based on 1990’s and 2000’s music....

First Day of Work (2014)

First Day of Work

Rank #99999

“First Day of Work” (Korean: 오늘 부터 출근) is a Korean variety show on tvN that started on September 20, 2014. Real-life workplace variety shows that allows artists to experience...

Hungry For Delivery? Order it First! (2021)

Hungry For Delivery? Order it First!

Rank #99999

This variety show will dig deeper into Korea’s large food delivery industry and discover great restaurants to order from. This idea looks at the changes in eating out due to...

Movie Room Season 2 (2019)

Movie Room Season 2

Rank #99999

Second season of Movie Room....

Buddy into the Wild (2020)

Buddy into the Wild

Rank #99999

The series follows two friends as they travel to a remote island and attempt to survive on their own....

Neighborhood Album Season 2 (2019)

Neighborhood Album Season 2

Rank #99999

In ‘Neighborhood Album’, the cast members will travel to remote neighborhoods hidden throughout South Korea to discover hidden songs that hold meaning or significance in unique neighborhoods. Various songs discovered...