Funeral Korean Dramas & Movies

The Bros (2017)

The Bros

Rank #4634

Seok Bong dreams of being Indiana Jones and put everything on the line to find a national treasure but his reality is an increasing debt and useless equipment. His brother,...

Rest in Peace

This Life to the Next

Rank #34018

Deceased’s Soul, tells the story of two childhood friends, a son of a hospital director and a daughter of a funeral hall director. One tries to revive the soul of...

Let Me Cry For You (2013)

Let Me Cry For You

Rank #47779

Once a woman can’t stop crying, she gets hired as a weeping woman in the funeral....

The Season of the Next Step (2020)

The Season of the Next Step

Rank #50201

Kook Hee spent a free daily life no different from other office workers. At her friend’s funeral, she finds a piece of herself that she had forgotten. (Source: 반지하살롱 on...

Family Affair (2019)

Family Affair

Rank #50749

A postcard arrives from a mother who left home a long time ago, and each of her three children, who have lived with the wounds, will be on a journey...

Comfort (2013)


Rank #52034

The house is silent as the grave, and mother and Eun Hye spend the day separately. Before long, Eun Hye’s father dies, soon follows the big family-gathering for the funeral....

I'll Be With You (2012)

I’ll Be With You

Rank #52781

Yoon Il and Jin Woo attend to the funeral of Seong Gyu, who committed Self-harm. The funeral parlor is crowded, and Yoon Il can’t endure the strange noises that Hyeon...

Farewell My Darling

Farewell My Darling

Rank #54280

A humorous film on the traditional Korean way of mourning over the dead. Ironically, the house of mourning is full of both austerity and liveliness. When old Park dies, all...

Mother's Place (2022)

Mother’s Place

Rank #99999


Cicadas (2022)


Rank #99999

The story revolves around a master of the traditional funeral play called Jindo Dasiraegi. One day, his daughter returns home years after she left, saddled with debt. Their relationship remains...

Eomung (2019)


Rank #99999

This is the story of Sook Ja, a female diver in the beautiful Jeju Islands who has lived a tough life, and her childish son Yool. Young man Yool dreams...

Alien (2019)


Rank #99999

Reonghee and I are illegal aliens. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the mess....