Fraud Korean Dramas & Movies

Mad Dog (2017)

Mad Dog

Rank #676

Choi Kang Woo, who is a former police and leader of Taeyang Insurance’s investigators team, decides to create his own investigation team, after an airplane crash that took the life...

The Con Artists (2014)

The Con Artists

Rank #1203

Ji Hyeok is an elite safe-cracker and counterfeiter. He works with Koo In who introduces him to elite hacker Jong Bae. There’s rumors that Jong Bae has betrayed other partners...

The Swindlers (2017)

The Swindlers

Rank #1481

Jang Doo Chil, a con artist who had been reported dead after committing a grand Deception case is rumored to be alive. A prosecutor, Park Hee Soo, who was in...

Café Minamdang

Rank #1514

Nam Han Joon is a former criminal profiler now working as a conman. To run his scams, he disguises himself as a fortune teller with his shop called Minamdang. Clients...

38 Task Force

38 Task Force

Rank #1547

A special task force will mix cops and criminals in order to catch bad guys, but this time the good-bad guys will be con artists who use their sterminates of...



Rank #1806

Jin Hyun Pil runs ‘One Network Inc.’, a company with an extensive network covering Korea. The chief of the Intellectual Crime Investigation team, Kim Jae Myung, suspects One Network’s involvement...

On the Line (2021)

On the Line

Rank #3186

The story is about Seo Joon, who loses everything to voice phishing and infiltrates the organization in China to meet Kwak Pro, the designer behind this system. (Source: HanCinema)...

Money (2019)


Rank #3537

Aspiring stockbroker Il Hyun dreams of making big money. But being a rookie without the right connections makes it difficult for him to survive in the cut-throat world of the...

One Line

One Line

Rank #4795

A broke college student meets a legendary swindler. The student joins the swindler’s team and enters the world of mortgage Deception with great success. Though their heists are successful, the...

Private Lives (2020)

Private Lives

Rank #5658

Swindlers come across a secret of the nation and try to reveal the secret. They must go up against a large company by using all of their sterminates. Lee Jung...

Open the Door


Rank #34361

Soo Hyun buys a secondhand washing machine online, making her the latest target of some warped vigilante. Detective Na investigates to determine the identity of the culprit terrorizing Soo Hyun....

Days in the Sun

Days in the Sun

Rank #49784

Hee Ju and Tae Kyong are friends who work at a hotel. During a violent bank robberty, Hee Ju is unaware that her cash is stolen by sneaky Dong Wook...

Night Bugs (2012)

Night Bugs

Rank #54299

Han Jae, who pretends to be a gay, lives off of cheating homointimates. He gathers up gays by online chatting and overcharges them for the drinks, teaming up with the...

Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe (2017)

Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe

Rank #57320

A kindergarten teacher’s life takes a completely unexpected turn. Na Rae is a kindergarten teacher who suddenly develops the ability of a shaman fortuneteller while praying at a church one...