Fortune Telling Korean Dramas & Movies

SF8: Manxin (2020)

SF8: Manxin

Rank #5581

An AI fortunetelling service called Manxin boasts a surprisingly high level of accuracy. In a world where most people deify and have blind faith in Manxin, Seonho and Garam, who...

The Man of My Life (2020)

The Man of My Life

Rank #6272

Jin Nam Joo gets dumped by her boyfriend, whom she believed was fate, on the first day of the new year. Her fortune-telling dad predicts that three men of destiny...

Be With Me (2010)

Be With Me

Rank #7704

Omnibus film “Ghost” premiered at the 2009 Pusan International Film Festival with the English title “Be With Me”. Prologue “Tell Me Your Name” – Seo Hee, Nam Hee and Lan...

King of Saju

Rank #34768

Geum Tae Young studied Saju (fortune telling based on calendar dates) to write his own novel, but his novel was not successful. He happens to meet ascetic person Myung Seung,...

Two Universes

Two Universes

Rank #48954

A fateful romance about Kim Byeol, a fatalist who is pessimistic about her fate and devoted herself to fortune telling, finding herself in front of two Woo Joos whose names...

Hello? Spring is Coming (2019)

Hello? Spring Is Coming

Rank #50513

Every coming out is difficult, but most of all, coming out in front of the family is the hardest. Can I make a coming out to my family for a...

Geum Tae Young

Geum Tae Young, a Genius Magician

Rank #99999

In a playful and simplified means, this thriller drama explores the four pillars of future, a fortune-telling idea in Asia that’s at the moment gaining a lot of international recognition...