Former Athlete Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Mental Coach Jegal

Rank #2363

A sports drama about a former national athlete who quits sports after causing a scandal and becomes a mental coach to help former professional athletes who have retired and current...

Drama Festival 2014: Old Farewell

Drama Festival 2014: Old Farewell

Rank #3612

Soo Hyuk, a former boxer, gets a call telling him he just received a house. It’s his ex-wife Chae Hee’s house. There, Soo Hyuk finds some old Polaroid photos in...

Joseon Survival (2019)

Joseon Survival

Rank #7784

Joseon Survival is about Han Jung Rok, a former national archer and current deliveryman from 2019. He ends up traveling to the past and meets Im Kkeok Jeong, a famous...


Rank #34625

Lee Joon Sung, Song Jae Hyo, and Park Min Woo graduated from high school together and are now in their twenties. Joon Sung was a rising soccer star during high...

The Techniques of Fighting (2019)

The Techniques of Fighting

Rank #99999

“Who am I? I’m the new kid!” Geon Woo used to be a promising taekwondo athlete but quit after kicking an unfair judge in the face. On his first day...