Foreigner Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Innocent Steps (2005)

Innocent Steps

Rank #4779

Former acclaimed dancer Na Young Sae attempts to make a comeback. Young Sae then brings to Korea Jang Chae Rin, an ethnic Korean from China who he presumes is a...

Papa (2012)


Rank #5516

The storyline is about a manager who pushes a young female talent to enter a reality TV show contest in the U.S. Some background information involves the manager having to...



Rank #5748

After losing both her parents, Failan emigrates to Korea to seek her only remaining relatives. Once she reaches Korea, she finds out that her relatives have moved to Canada well...

Lunch Box (2015)

Lunch Box

Rank #6422

‘Lia’ is an Indonesian university student who studies in Korea. ‘Yong’ is a Korean boy who loves cook and has a crush on ‘Lia’. Yong’s especial way to win ‘Lia”s...



Rank #7486

Claire Duncan is a 20-year-old college student obsessed with Korean Drama. She’s constantly glued to the screen watching her favorite actor, Joon Park, in ‘Taste of Love.’ Disappointed that her...

Idol in My Living Room

Rank #52780

“Idol in My Living Room” is a youth melodrama that unfolds when Joy, an excellent student at Sejong Institute, and Yeo One, a Hallyu idol, accidentally end up living in...

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Rank #52995

This is a short film which Kim Soo Hyun took part in when he was student in 2008. Zhang Lina, a Chinese girl, takes a one day trip to Seoul...

Mai Ratima (2013)

Mai Ratima

Rank #54055

The story is about Soo Young, a miserable 30-something-year-old man and Mai Ratima, a 22-year-old Thai girl who accepts a mail order marriage in order to realize her Korean dream....

Seoul Mates (2014)

Seoul Mates

Rank #55473

A gender bending tale of Filipino Lady boy and Korean discreet gay who meet and date each other, with the first one pretending to be a real woman and the...

If You Were Me (2003)

If You Were Me

Rank #55934

If You Were Me is a 2003 South Korean omnibus film, comprising six short films directed by six prominent Korean directors, Jeong Jae Eun, Yim Soon Rye, Yeo Kyun Dong,...