Firefighter Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

The First Responders

Rank #309

Follow the joint operations of a police force and a fire department, who together will tell a thrilling story. Fierce detective Jin Ho Gae is all about catching low-lifes. He...

The Flu (2013)

The Flu

Rank #710

It all starts when a human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a Bundang hospital, covered in oozing red rashes and coughing up blood. Within hours...

Love 911 (2012)

Love 911

Rank #1374

A fire fighter, who lost his wife, & a doctor, who doesn’t open her mind to others, meet. Through each other they are able to cure the scars they hold...

A Superior Day

Rank #7782

Lee Ho Cheol is a regular firefighter. When news begins to surface about a serial terminateer, He Cheol is approached by a stranger who informs him that his neighbor, Kwon...