Female Rivalry Korean Dramas & Movies

Woman of Dignity (2017)

Woman of Dignity

Rank #1410

Ah Jin has it all; beauty, wealth, influence and the respect of her father-in-law, the CEO of a paper goods company. To be the caregiver for her wheelchair-bound father-in-law, she...

Short (2018)


Rank #3338

Kang Ho Young is a short track speed skater. He learned how to skate at a small skating rink in the countryside. He was scouted by Kangbaek University which is...

Green Mothers’ Club

Rank #4009

The ‘Green Mothers Club’ captures the friendship, motherhood, and growth of five mothers who met in the elementary community, each with a complex that they could not overcome. It is...

High Class (2021)

High Class

Rank #4034

A mystery suspense drama about the dangerous lies and hypocrisies hidden behind the perfect lives of the women who live in the top 0.1 percent of society. Song Yeo Wool, who...

Reflection of You (2021)

Reflection of You

Rank #5330

The story of love, betrayal, bribery, and revenge that takes place within the life of a woman who briefly leaves behind her picture-perfect lifestyle to give in to her desires,...

Kill Heel

Rank #6107

Set within the competitive power struggles of TV home shopping hosts, three hosts compete against each other with intense desires to achieve success and gain fame in the industry field....

Love Forecast

Love Forecast

Rank #6166

When Joon Soo falls in love he tries to give everything to the girl. Even though he does all of that, he is the one that gets dumped. Hyun Woo...

Queen of Reversals (2010)

Queen of Reversals

Rank #6179

Hwang Tae Hee is the daughter of a chaebol and team leader at her workplace. She is married to Bong Joon Soo who works at the same company. When Bong...

My Secret Hotel

My Secret Hotel

Rank #6389

This drama is about a woman who runs the wedding planning division of one of the country’s top 1% wedding destination hotels. And while planning perfect weddings for the elite,...

Athena: Goddess of War

Athena: Goddess of War

Rank #6778

A extremist group known as “Athena” and led by evil mastermind Son Hyuk threatens South Korea and the world. It is now up to special agent Lee Jung Woo of...

Fashion 70's

Fashion 70’s

Rank #7070

Fashion 70’s focused on the lives of four young people, from their childhood during the Korean War, to their careers and love lives within the booming fashion world of the...

Mermaid Prince (2020)

Mermaid Prince

Rank #7845

It tells the romance story of a girl named Hye Ri. She goes to Gangwon Province on a graduation trip with her friends. There she meets a mysterious man Woo...