Fast Paced Romance Korean Dramas & Movies


Rank #1361

Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40. Cha Mi...

Lovestruck in the City (2020)

Lovestruck in the City

Rank #2193

“Lovestruck in the City” is a realistic portrayal of young people who pursue romance and happiness while struggling to get by in a busy, competitive urban environment. Park Jae Won...

My Secret Romance (2017)

My Secret Romance

Rank #4341

Cha Jin Wook is a son from a wealthy family who runs a large company. He usually only pursues short-term love, but when he meets Lee Yoo Mi, who has...

Forecasting Love and Weather

Rank #4435

A romance drama about the work and love in the office of National Weather Service, hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than localized heavy rains. Jin Ha Kyung is...



Rank #5465

Park Jae Eon finds dating a waste of time but likes to flirt. Even though he is friendly and cheerful towards all, he does not pursue others. Park Jae Eon...

Kissable Lips (Movie) (2022)

Kissable Lips (Movie)

Rank #5949

Having spent the past five hundred years wandering through history as an immortal vampire, Kim Jun Ho now finds himself tired of his endless existence. Having lived more lifetimes than...

Let's Eat Something

Let’s Eat Something, Anna

Rank #6913

An adorable love story of Park Ji Yong, a good-looking home shopping host, and Sohn Ana, a secluded girl who never leaves home and whose only joy of life is...

Behind Cut

Rank #7218

Ki Jin is a budding fashion design student who dreams big: He wants to become a world-famous clothing designer. But the journey to the top of South Korea’s fashion tree...

Kissable Lips

Rank #7269

A sweet and bloody campus romance between Jun Ho, a vampire who is walking the path of extinction, and Min Hyun, a human with pure blood. Jun Ho is a...

Princess LuLu (2005)

Princess LuLu

Rank #8169

Does a love story only exist in tales? Will the Real Prince and Snow White live a happy life described in the tale? The rich-born girl Go Hee Soo treats...