Family Reunion Korean Dramas & Movies

My Husband Got a Family (2012)

My Husband Got a Family

Rank #2153

Cha Yoon Hee is a successful TV drama producer, who has been afraid of having in-laws, specifically a mother-in-law. Because of this, Yoon Hee has decided to look for a...

Champion (2018)


Rank #2498

Mark is a disgraced arm wrestling champion who was adopted by an American family when he was a boy. He’s a bouncer at a club and befriends a Korean student...

Your Name is Rose (2019)

Your Name Is Rose

Rank #5605

Based on Korean history from 1979 to 2015 about a woman named Hong Jang Mi (lit. Hong Rose) who wants to be a singer. The movie revolves around Jang Mi...

Man Who Dies to Live (2017)

Man Who Dies to Live

Rank #6927

In the late 1970’s, Jang Dal Goo went to the Middle East and settled down in the small kingdom. He became Count Saeed Fahd Ali and found success there, but...

Blow Breeze (2016)

Blow Breeze

Rank #7487

A wealthy, elderly man who was born in North Korea and amassed a $100 million fortune in South Korea knows that his time is short. One day, he coincidentally learns...



Rank #40536

In February 2013, Anaïs Bordier, a French fashion student living in London, stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring Samantha Futerman, an actress in Los Angeles, and was struck by their...

The First Lap (2017)

The First Lap

Rank #49335

Soo Hyeon, a teacher at a private art institute and Ji Yeong, a contract worker at a small network enterprise have been living together for 6 years. To his surprise,...

Happy Together (1999)

Happy Together

Rank #49409

The love, conflicts, and reunions of 5 siblings. A drama on 5 children who were separated at the death of their parents. They meet again as adults and have all...