F.T. Island Korean Dramas & Movies

We Got Married Global Edition: Season 1 (2013)

We Got Married Global Edition Season 1

Rank #2866

A global edition spinoff of the widely popular We Got Married, get to see how the on-screen virtual marriage between celebrities from different countries work out through weekly missions and...

Eden Season 1

Rank #5314

The perfect EDEN HOUSE to fall in love! The rules here are.. only way to move as your heart is drawn between attraction and condition, the excitement that has been...

Coming Out! FTISLAND (2015)

Coming Out! FTISLAND

Rank #36082

“Coming Out! FTISLAND” is a fun reality show that highlights FTISLAND in all its R-rated glory. It’s a nice change from the usual, highly edited and cleaned up K-pop reality...

Playing Oppa (2019)

Playing Oppa

Rank #36208

A V LIVE x WHYNOT TV collaboration. Lee Hong Ki is the main host of this new variety show, where he will invite different idols every week to play games...

Oh! My School (2010)

Oh! My School

Rank #38852

Oh! My School is a South Korean variety show hosted by Park Myeong-su, Tony Ahn, Kim Shinyoung and Park Kyung Lim. It has a school setting where guests come out...

Night Goblin (2017)

Night Goblin

Rank #38928

A reality show where in each episode, the cast will attempt to be the first to enter different popular places for food or recreation throughout South Korea....

Real Life Men and Women: Season 1 (2018)

Real Life Men and Women Season 1

Rank #41273

The variety show attempts to break misleading stereotypes about men and women. Find out differences between men and women and see how our thoughts have been shaped by stereotypes while...

Everyone's Kitchen (2019)

Everyone’s Kitchen

Rank #41475

The program mainly focuses on “Social Dining”, which is what was lacking a lot following an increase in small families and single families. Kang Ho Dong, the main protagonist of...

Let's Go! Real Trip: Three Delicious Man (2019)

Let’s Go! Real Trip: Three Delicious Man

Rank #42610

Three guys are travelling around South Korea to taste diffrent kinds of food....

Hurry Up And Talk (2019)

Hurry Up And Talk

Rank #43090

Hurry Up and Talk feature a group of celebrities who are known for their eloquent speaking sterminates and have them compete in a new quiz show format. (Source: Soompi)...

The Idol Band: Boy's Battle (2022)

The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle

Rank #43596

“The Idol Band” is a Japan-Korea joint audition program that seeks idol boy bands that have the ability and visuals to lead popular music around the world, as well as...

Idol Maknae Rebellion (2009)

Idol Maknae Rebellion

Rank #45285

A variety show featuring only the youngest members of various idol groups....

Good Daddy (2008)

Good Daddy

Rank #46434

Five male celebrities of different ages and talents are gathered together to take care of a daughter, each sharing the role of parenting as well as dealing with issues such...

The Romantic and Idol: Season 2 (2013)

The Romantic and Idol Season 2

Rank #51081

For 4 days and 3 nights, the 8 idols selected should select another to remain as a couple they should also vote with who they want to stay....

A Look at Myself (2015)

A Look at Myself

Rank #54108

People tend to get angry and sometimes we find it hard to keep our temper. There is a good solution to this matter; Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes!...

City Fisherman Season 3

Rank #99999

A full-fledged daily live fishing variety that cries and smiles over a single piece of meat. (Source: Korean = Naver || Translation = MyDramaList)...

The Team Chef (2018)

The Team Chef

Rank #99999

In this cooking competition program, Team Korea and Team Thailand battle each other with new unique recipes!...