EXID Korean Dramas & Movies

Miss Back (2020)

Miss Back

Rank #38648

The program will be a mix between a documentary and variety show, and will follow a group of female singers who made their debut in idol groups but are slowly...

Salty Tour (2017)

Salty Tour Season 1

Rank #38857

Salty Tour is a travel variety program that emphasizes on 2 things: Good quality for the price and Small Luxury. For every city/country, 3 of the cast members are assigned...

We Are Siblings (2016)

We Are Siblings

Rank #38941

Famous siblings are required to spend 48 hours together. During those hours, siblings will have to complete different missions that they are given....

Suddenly a Millionaire (2017)

Suddenly a Millionaire

Rank #39067

Guests are lent 1 million won (S. Korean currency) and are asked, “How are you going to use it?” With an additional million won to spend, the guest’s spending patterns,...

Stage K (2019)

Stage K

Rank #39144

Global fans are entering a K-Pop competition to be able to stand on the stage with K-Pop stars....

On and Off 2 (2021)

On and Off Season 2

Rank #39268

“On and Off” is a reality show that captures how stars take time to be themselves away from their public personas during their busy everyday lives. (Source: Soompi)...

A Style For You (2015)

A Style for You

Rank #39427

Global interactive style show is coming up to upgrade your beauty, fashion and life style! To be global style icons, 4MCs of “A Style For You” will work in the...

Show Me the Money: Season 2 (2013)

Show Me the Money Season 2

Rank #40387

The format of each season varies, but generally consists of contestants going head to head in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a mixture...

Guess My Next Move (2018)

Guess My Next Move

Rank #40831

Ask the participants, “What kind of person is she or he?” Depending on what kind of relationship you are in with them, they think differently about you. The participants are...

My Boyfriend Is Better

Rank #40901

It is the first gamble-based singing show where the participants invest in their boyfriends. Girlfriends must invest in the boyfriends who are likely to sing better and win the prize...

Super Hearer (2019)

Super Hearer

Rank #41343

This is a music reality show program where it features a panel of 5 “Hearers” and a panel of 5 “Villains”. In each episode, there will be a featured theme....

Talents for Sale (2016)

Talents for Sale

Rank #43705

The show borrows ideas from home shopping channels, in which the MCs work together with guests to raise funds for local charities by advertising products created based on the guests’...

Wednesday Music Playlist (2019)

Wednesday Music Playlist

Rank #44432

Wednesday Music Playlist is a South Korean variety show program o tvN. The show feature the 4 cast members enjoying many forgotten and hidden masterpieces and unknown new songs through...

We Like Zines! (2017)

We Like Zines!

Rank #54759

The media is evolving and diversifying into forms of unimagined only a few years ago. Now, it’s time for ‘1conomy generation’! The Internet, which enabled traditional consumers of information to...

Men of the Wind

Rank #99999

National MC Kim Sung Ju, “Tomorrow’s National Singer” winner Park Chang Geun, and familiar K-pop faces perform together in a new outdoor music show that you’ve never seen before! (Source:...

Seafood Delivery Bada Market

Rank #99999

Five MDs, who go to any place where aquaculture products from all over the country are available, directly visit the farm, experience the farm, make food, and deliver it directly...

Sing and Stay (2019)

Sing and Stay Season 1

Rank #99999

‘Sing Stay’ is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. (Source: Allkpop)...

Today's Fortune (2019)

Today’s Fortune

Rank #99999

A panel of experts from various fields and a celebrity panel analyze, comment and predict the dating style of a couple while watching their blind date in this prediction-based dating...