Exercise Korean Dramas & Movies

RUN (2020)


Rank #41592

The show follows the cast as they participate in meet-ups at various runnings spots both in and outside of Korea to experience “the joy of running.” The four actors join...


Rank #41833

This show teaches you how to become healthier and more energetic through various ways. The host Kim Shin Young, who lost 38kg and has been maintaining a healthy body for...


Rank #48487

“Loveway” depicts a man and a woman who are interested in health and exercise, sharing their lifestyles and values ​​under one roof, and getting to know each other’s feelings. (Source:...

Routine King (2022)

Routine King

Rank #99999

“Routine King” is an observational reality show following stars who had tremendous success in their career. The show reveals the hidden ‘routine’ behind the accomplishment and shares the working ethics...

H Club (2022)

H Club

Rank #99999

Pit-a-pat! At this gym that is open for 24 hours, 8 H Clubbers will find healthy love here at H Club. The hottest new kind of dating survival where you...