Ex-Convict Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

My Annoying Brother

My Annoying Brother

Rank #224

Doo Shik gets paroled from prison thanks to his younger brother Doo Yeong. Doo Yeong is a promising judo athlete. After 15 years, Doo Shik suddenly appears in front of...

Ugly Alert (2013)

Ugly Alert

Rank #800

The story of a man named Gong Joon Soo who sacrificed himself by pretending to be a criminal to protect his younger stepbrother from being accused instead. While serving time...

Drama Special Series Season 3: Sirius (2013)

Drama Special Series Season 3: Sirius

Rank #3374

“Sirius” revolves around Identical twin brothers Eun Chang and Shin Woo. When they were teens, Eun Chang was a bright and popular kid, but went to jail because of Shin...

Padam Padam (2011)

Padam Padam

Rank #3564

Born to a poor family, Kang Chil spends 16 years in prison after being wrongly convicted of a crime. Before his release, he terminates a prison guard by accident and...

Drama Special Season 5: That Kind of Love (2014)

Drama Special Season 5: That Kind of Love

Rank #5384

That Love tells the story of an ill-fated love between a convict serving a life sentence for tragic end, and a public servant who is regularly damaging actiond by her...



Rank #5494

Jong Du is autistic who ignores society’s rules; unaware or unconcerned with the consequences of his actions. Unable to hold a job and always on the edge, he has been...

Drama Special Season 3: Butcher Barber (2012)

Drama Special Season 3: Butcher Barber

Rank #47565

Things happen when a woman is at risk of being caught by a loan shark, so she hides in the house of a terminateer who is a barber....

Animal Town (2011)

Animal Town

Rank #56643

Oh Sung Chul has been released on parole. He wears an ankle bracelet that monitors his movements as well as reminding himself of his horrifying past deeds. Sung Chul lives...

The Beans (2013)

The Beans

Rank #99999

Human scumbag Jang Baek Ho is released from prison 4 years later and is furious. Setting up a noodle restaurant is his only dream, but money from his account is...

Come To Me

Come To Me

Rank #99999

Chun Geun is the village thug who hangs around the schoolyard. Coming from a poor background, he never had a chance to get a regular education. Returning from a two-year...