Evil Mother-in-Law Korean Dramas & Movies

My Father is Strange (2017)

My Father Is Strange

Rank #335

This drama is about a family that lives on the outskirts of Seoul. Byun Han Soo is the father and His wife, Na Yeong Shil is a dedicated, responsible mother...

Temptation of the Wife of Heirs Over Flowers (2017)

Temptation of the Wife of Heirs Over Flowers

Rank #358

~~ A parody of “Boys Over Flowers”,” Temptation of Wife” and “The Heirs” made by boy group Monsta X as part of their show “Monsta X-Ray Season 2”....

Lie After Lie (2020)

Lie After Lie

Rank #754

Ji Eun Su is a woman who appears to have it all. Married into a super-rich family, she assumes that the rest of her life will be an easy ride....

Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Rank #2976

Life is hard, but finding love and happiness can seem nearly impossible. That’s why some, like Kim Seol Ah have decided to focus on a career, rather than waste time...

Tower of Babel (2019)

Tower of Babel

Rank #6266

Cha Woo Hyuk is a prosecutor who started out as a newspaper reporter, whose personality is described as fiery and hot-tempered. He grew up having a comfortable life, but one...

Can We Love? (2014)

Can We Love?

Rank #6306

Jung Wan, Sun Mi, and Ji Hyun were high school classmates. It’s been 20 years since graduation and as they turn 39, the three friends are leading completely different lives,...

Happy And (2011)

Happy And

Rank #53217

This relatable relationship drama explores real-life trials and joys of married life through the lens of 11 different wives. (Source: Netflix) ~~ Two versions available: 11 episodes (TV) || 25...