Elder Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Dear My Friends

Dear My Friends

Rank #161

Park Wan is a translator who is constantly pulled by her mother, Jang Nan Hee, to hang out with her elder friends, Jo Hee Ja, Moon Jung Ah, Oh Choong...

I Can Speak (2017)

I Can Speak

Rank #250

Ok Boon, aka the Goblin Granny, is a feisty, elderly woman who combs through the town for any sign of trouble. Over a span of 20 years, she has filed...



Rank #810

High school student Hye Ji is a troubled teen with a scarred mind and a secret. She is dramatically reunited with her grandmother, Gye Choon, after going missing for 10...

Her Story (2018)

Her Story

Rank #2399

In 1991, Busan, Bae Jung Gil, who had been working as a housekeeper for Moon, the owner of a leading travel agency, suddenly disappears soon after Kim Hak Soon’s confession...

Curtain Call

Rank #3343

Ja Geum Soon was born in 1930 in what is now North Korea. When the Korean War broke out in the 1950s, she escaped to what is now South Korea...



Rank #4018

An elderly lady in her 60’s works as a caregiver for a disabled man & raises her grandson alone. She has to endure the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, through this...

Oh! My Gran (2020)

Oh! My Gran

Rank #4433

The granny with dementia is the only witness of the day. In her mind, Moon Hee is ‘Secret Jouju’, the princess in TV animation. In reality, Moon Hee is a...


Rank #4976

While boar hunting goes on in an ordinary country village, a missing person case takes place. Surrounding the missing person case, the villager’s secrets are revealed one by one. Young...

My Love

My Love, Don’t Cross That River

Rank #36364

There lives a couple known as ‘100-year-old lovebirds’. Like characters in a fairy tale, the husband is strong like a woodman, and the wife full of charms like a princess....

Late Blossom

Late Blossom

Rank #40142

“Late Blossom” follows the lives of two couples who live in the same neighbourhood. Kim Man Suk delivers milk on a motorbike at dawn. He curses a lot, but actually...

My Perfect Roommate (2022)

My Perfect Roommate

Rank #40596

“DO NOT poop in my toilet!” Grandma Geum Boon lives alone for life. Her roommate Ji Woong is a professional part-timer. A project to live with the senior who lives...

First Love (2016)

First Love

Rank #41068

After meeting in high school, two women fall in love and spend their lives together–though they’ve had to keep their relationship hidden for 40 years. But when they receive unexpected...

Granny's Got Talent

Granny’s Got Talent

Rank #43417

A national cussing battle audition is the hype of the nation. People from all over the country audition in hopes of becoming the “Cussing King.” However, the contestants’ redundant cussing...

Ladies of the Forest (2017)

Ladies of the Forest

Rank #43582

Soon Shim, a 70 year old bachelorette from a different planet, visits Earth in search of a lover. However, instead of discovering a new lover, she finds Dal Rae, who...

An Old Lady (2020)

An Old Lady

Rank #44501

Hyo Jeong, a 69 years old woman, is hospitalized and assaultd by a male nursing assistant. She informs Dong In, her cohabitant, and reports to the police. However, considering her...

Drama Festival 2013: The Marvelous Sunshine Funeral Home for the Elderly (2013)

Drama Festival 2013: The Marvelous Sunshine Funeral Home for the Elderly

Rank #53154

Story of elderly in Sunshine Apartment Home for Elderly. A fake funeral held to help a friend pay for cancer surgery....

The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin (2020)

The Pregnant Tree and the Goblin

Rank #99999

In a shanty village located next to the US military base in Uijungbu City, lives a former US military camp town intimate worker, Park In-soon. Having lived in the village...

Again (2020)


Rank #99999

Women who burned their passion for arts in the midst of trials, sing that deep bond and unyielding hope! Yeon Ju who is only a 10-year old assistant director, is...