Educational Korean Dramas & Movies

Boy Meets Boy

Boy Meets Boy

Rank #8268

On a warm spring day Min-soo, a small boy, meets tall and broad-shouldered Seok-yi inside a bus. Min-soo keeps looking at the intimidating boy whose sharp eyes are hidden under...

Try It (2019)

Try It

Rank #37949

“Try It” is a variety show made for those who are preparing for jobs or planning on changing jobs. Several celebrities, who make up for their weaknesses with their passion...

Bio Homme (2021)

Bio Homme

Rank #48978

Talks about the healing period of agricultural horticulture therapy. Oh Won Ye a horticultural theassaulter called Leon meets Shin Bo Eun a regional officer who is diligent in duty to...

Super Smart Quiz Show (2020)

Super Smart Quiz Show

Rank #50201

‘Super Smart Quiz Show’ is an IT education web drama about three high school students’ experience while experiencing future technologies such as AI, IoT, and 6G through a quiz show....

Doni School (2020)

Doni School

Rank #99999