Dreamcatcher Korean Dramas & Movies

Dreamcatcher Mind (2021)

Dreamcatcher Mind

Rank #35231


Will This Work?: Melon Station (2021)

Will This Work?: Melon Station

Rank #36207

Golden Child’s Lee Jang Jun and AB6IX’s Jeon Woong interview various guests. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Idol League: Season 3 (2020)

Idol League Season 3

Rank #36576

A program that interviews idols each week....

Secret Friend of Idols (2020)

Secret Friend of Idols Season 1

Rank #37013

“Secret Friend of Idols” is a web reality show revolving around the process of the idols who participate in “Show Champion” narrowing the gap and gradually nourishing the friendship with...

Idol House (2020)

Idol House

Rank #37471

# The production crew will prepare, who will play? Music time, recreation time, party time and snack time! armed with a honey jam corner! Idols just spend time playing, eating,...

My Boyfriend Is Better

Rank #40901

It is the first gamble-based singing show where the participants invest in their boyfriends. Girlfriends must invest in the boyfriends who are likely to sing better and win the prize...

V-1 (2019)


Rank #41573

“V-1” will be a girl group vocalist survival program that picks the best “Vocal Queen” among Korea’s girl group members. The title is a combination of the letter “V” from...

Q&A Machine (2019)

Q&A Machine

Rank #99999

K-pop idols answer questions from fans...