Domestic Violence Korean Dramas & Movies

Children of Nobody (2018)

Children of Nobody

Rank #311

Cha Woo Kyung is a child counselor who works at a children’s center. Her life seems perfect since she is married to a great husband and is pregnant. However, her...

Lie After Lie (2020)

Lie After Lie

Rank #754

Ji Eun Su is a woman who appears to have it all. Married into a super-rich family, she assumes that the rest of her life will be an easy ride....

Recalled (2021)


Rank #1134

Soo Jin begins to see the future after losing her memory. As she gradually pieces together the disjointed fragments of her confusing memories, she comes face-to-face with a shocking truth...

Save Me 2 (2019)

Save Me Season 2

Rank #1967

With their municipality scheduled to be flooded to make way for the construction of a new dam, the devout denizens of a rural village have placed their faith in Choi...



Rank #4681

Hye Won is a stern single independent woman who works in a bank in Seoul. She is very self-centered and doesn’t care to help other people. However, due to problems...

Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019)

Woman of 9.9 Billion

Rank #4831

Jung Seo Yeon grew up with an damaging actions father. Then she escaped to begin again with an affectionate and loving man; unfortunately that chapter in her life was brief....

Mom Has an Affair (2020)

Mom Has an Affair

Rank #6246

Desperate times call for desperate measures and for one mom, that means bagging a rich man to make her kids happy. Pil Jeong is a single, divorced mom of two...

Tower of Babel (2019)

Tower of Babel

Rank #6266

Cha Woo Hyuk is a prosecutor who started out as a newspaper reporter, whose personality is described as fiery and hot-tempered. He grew up having a comfortable life, but one...

Fate (2008)


Rank #7501

Four friends bound by destiny and unbeatable in the dark world. When a casino attack goes wrong as a result of betrayal, fate turns them into enemies. Now, forced to...

My Dear Yeon (2021)

My Dear Yeon

Rank #40266

Yeon and Hwang Ju Hwang are close friends who look at each other with affectionate eyes. Ju Hwang, who is often exposed to her father’s domestic harsh, commits self-harm in...

Midnight Thriller

Rank #40406

An anthology about ‘disappearance’. > Story 1 : “Friendly Police” (친절한 경찰) [Director: Lim Kyung Taek (임경택)] The story is about Ah Rin, a novelist in her 20s who moves...

Late Spring

Late Spring

Rank #43372

Set in the 1960’s. In post war Korea, the government decides to dispatch troops to Vietnam in an attempt to rebuild the country’s devastated economy. Joo Goo, a genius sculptor...

Drama Special Season 3: Butcher Barber (2012)

Drama Special Season 3: Butcher Barber

Rank #47565

Things happen when a woman is at risk of being caught by a loan shark, so she hides in the house of a terminateer who is a barber....

Disappearance (2015)


Rank #49050

A live broadcast in a haunted house takes a terrifying turn in this supernatural short movie....

A Boy's Sister (2013)

A Boy’s Sister

Rank #49880

Yoon Hee carries the heavy burden of having lost her younger brother in a traumatic incident as a young child. Her younger brother died after saving her from a rising...

Happy And (2011)

Happy And

Rank #53217

This relatable relationship drama explores real-life trials and joys of married life through the lens of 11 different wives. (Source: Netflix) ~~ Two versions available: 11 episodes (TV) || 25...

Boy Story (2016)

Boy Story

Rank #53666

A fable about a monster created by grown-ups who didn’t pay attention. Yeong Hoon is a 13-year-old boy who leaves his house not being able to stand his father’s Harmful...

Set Play (2020)

Set Play

Rank #56449

If there was someone who cared for me, things would have been much better. Sung Chul met his fellow Ki Joon today. They’re just two young reckless high school boys....



Rank #58518

Looking for a new start, a young taxi driver moves into Apt. 504 of an old tenement named Migum Apartments. He soon finds that the previous tenant died mysteriously, and...

The Namesake (2017)

The Namesake

Rank #99999

The story of a woman who lost her daughter while they were escaping North Korea and the young woman she meets who has the same name as her daughter and...