Doctor Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Kill Me

Kill Me, Heal Me

Rank #205

A traumatic childhood experience leaves Cha Do Hyeon, suffering from memory loss and dissociation. The latter has resulted in the creation of seven distinct personalities. Wanting to regain control over...

Jewel in the Palace (2003)

Jewel in the Palace

Rank #250

About 500 years ago during the time of Chosun Dynasty, Korea boasted a rigidly hierarchical and male dominated social structure. Based on a true story about a legendary girl, Jang...

Ghost Doctor

Rank #301

Cha Young Min is a genius doctor, with excelling sterminates at surgery, but he is arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an accident and due to this,...

Dr. Romantic: APPENDIX

Dr. Romantic: APPENDIX, The Beginning of Everything

Rank #376

SBS stated, “There was a flood of requests from the viewers to extend the drama, and writer Kang Eun Kyung even said, ‘I want to give back to the viewers.’...

The Flu (2013)

The Flu

Rank #710

It all starts when a human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a Bundang hospital, covered in oozing red rashes and coughing up blood. Within hours...

Good Doctor (2013)

Good Doctor

Rank #794

Although Park Shi On is an autistic savant who lacked mental maturity and empathy, he graduated from medical school with distinction. His medical sterminates are exceptional, but he struggles to...

Live Up to Your Name (2017)

Live Up to Your Name

Rank #1064

Heo Im, who is born in a concubine family in the Joseon era and has very outstanding medical sterminates, is frustrated about his career as he fails to climb to...


Rank #1361

Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40. Cha Mi...

Love 911 (2012)

Love 911

Rank #1374

A fire fighter, who lost his wife, & a doctor, who doesn’t open her mind to others, meet. Through each other they are able to cure the scars they hold...

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist

Rank #2210

Yoo Se Poong’s legendary abilities as a physician are well-known in the royal palace. Nonetheless, he was expelled from the royal court when his involvement in a conspiracy against the...

Secret Mother (2018)

Secret Mother

Rank #2252

This is a drama based on women who live in Daechi-dong, the center of child education. Kim Yoon Jin has been living comfortably with her husband’s care, but to provide...

Priest (2018)


Rank #2293

Oh Soo Min is a dutiful young Catholic priest, filled with energy. He is a member 634 Regia. The group performs exorcisms unofficially. In the past, his own mother was...

Mental Coach Jegal

Rank #2363

A sports drama about a former national athlete who quits sports after causing a scandal and becomes a mental coach to help former professional athletes who have retired and current...

Emergency Couple (2014)

Emergency Couple

Rank #2365

Jin Hee led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang Min. Despite his wealthy family’s strong opposition, Jin Hee and Chang Min decided to...


Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 2

Rank #2536

Once a royal physician, Yoo Se Poong was ousted from the palace after his involvement in a conspiracy surrounding the royal family. With nowhere else to go, Se Poong eventually...

Different Dreams (2019)

Different Dreams

Rank #2682

A turning point in Korean history, one never to be forgotten is presented in this engaging historical drama, celebrating its 100th anniversary. In 1919, during the Japanese colonial period, two...

Longing Heart (2018)

Longing Heart

Rank #3176

A man named Shin Woo regrets letting his first love go ten years ago because he didn’t have the courage to confess. However, he gets the chance to win her...

New Heart

New Heart

Rank #3578

This drama is about the pride and frustration of cardiac surgeons on the job. Lee Eun Sung graduated from a newly established medical school in the southern province and not...

Doctor Detective (2019)

Doctor Detective

Rank #3633

Do Jung Eun works as an industrial health doctor. She partners with Doctor Heo Min Ki to uncover the truth related to industrial accidents, diseases and other incidents that take...

Brain (2011)


Rank #3854

Lee Kang Hun, who graduated from the top medical school, works at the top hospital and is the top neurosurgeon around. He has ambitions to become the director at his...

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee

Rank #4273

Bong Dal Hee is a first year resident doctor who strives to become a surgeon despite her heart problem. She works under Dr. Ahn Jong Geun, a cardiac specialist, and...

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors (2010)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

Rank #4303

The drama depicts the difficult decisions and moving human stories that take place daily in the OB-GYN department, focusing in particular on Seo Hye Young, a talented and determined obstetrician...

Liver or Die (2019)

Liver or Die

Rank #4649

Poong Sang took care of his 4 younger siblings and supported them financially because his parents did not support them. His younger siblings are his first younger brother Jin Sang,...

Risky Romance (2018)

Risky Romance

Rank #5073

Han Seung Joo is a neurosurgeon with a strong desire for winning. Joo In Ah is an endocrinologist who’s obsessed with hormones. They fall in love. (Source: MyDramaList)...