DKZ Korean Dramas & Movies

Good Girl (2020)

Good Girl

Rank #651

“Good Girl” will feature some of the best female hip hop and R&B artists around the country, including underground rappers, current idols, and popular artists. These artists will be put...

King of Mask Singer (2015)

King of Mask Singer

Rank #1475

“King of Mask Singer” is a South Korean singing competition program starting Celebrities. Each competition lasts for two episodes, with the singers competing one-on-one in three elimination rounds. They are...

‏2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2020)

‏2020 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #1950

A total of 51 idol teams, or 202 individuals, will compete in next year’s upcoming Lunar New Year special ‘2020 ISAC’. The 7 sporting categories are archery, Korean wrestling (Sseurim),...

Jaechan's Dream (2022)

Jaechan’s Dream

Rank #35126

Time for precious conversation for everyone who dreams. This time, it’s a dream for you and me. (Source: Korean = || Translation = MyDramaList)...

Midnight Horror Story Season 2 (2022)

Midnight Horror Story Season 2

Rank #35665

Joined by new panelists, Solar from MAMAMOO and Actor Lee Yi Kyung. Midnight Horror Story continues with Season 2. With 6 celebrities and 44 Dark Spirits, they look for a...

DONGKIZ On Air (2019)


Rank #35947


Listen Up

Rank #37099

“Listen Up” is a music competition show featuring the best music producers in the business. Ten producers making the best K-pop nowadays produce fantastic music and performances with some of...

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend (2011)

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Rank #37278

Each episode features guest singers, both experienced and talented rookies. They each perform their own reinterpreted versions of famous songs by the legendary singer of the episode. Guest singers are...

Fact iN Star (2016)

Fact iN Star Season 1

Rank #37498

A variety show with your K-pop Bias....

Omniscient Interfering View (2018)

Omniscient Interfering View

Rank #37569

The managers, who know more about the stars they are working for, have unsealed their lips! In the program, the show’s hosts receive detailed descriptions of celebrities’ lifestyles and “interfere”...

2022 Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #38297

The Idol Star Athletics Championships return after a 2-year hiatus as a Chuseok Special. New games such as track, archery, futsal, dance sports, and even e-sports will be introduced to...

After School Club (2013)

After School Club

Rank #38370

After School Club features various musical guests of South Korea and the series is directed at an international audience so the principal language is English with Korean subtitles and translations...

2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships (2020)

2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships

Rank #38572

On September 11, MBC officially confirmed that it will be airing the “2020 Idol eSports Athletics Championships” as a stand-alone Chuseok special this fall. This year’s event will feature two...


Rank #38818

As of episode 13, TMI SHOW rebranded to TMI NEWS SHOW....

Our Season: Spring with Park Jae Chan

Rank #39361

Here’s Park Jae Chan in his youth. The spring day of his life has finally come. While being unable to fully enjoy the spring due to growing attention from the...

DKZ's DGDR2 (2022)


Rank #39842


Idol Drawing Contest

Rank #45047

A drawing reality, which shows the process of an idol group, with a wide artistic sense and creativity, as artists preparing a work using a variety of themes and materials,...

My Playlist (2022)

My Playlist

Rank #50224

“What songs do my idols spend time listening to?” “My Playlist” is a live music show that unveils a treasure-like playlist that fills my idol’s ears with happiness every day,...