Divorced Female Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Remarriage and Desires

Rank #1583

Through an exclusive matchmaking agency, women strive to marry a desirable bachelor and into the highest echelon of society. (Source: Netflix)...

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy (2021)

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy

Rank #2697

A secret royal inspector uncovers bribery and then ensures its perpetrators face justice. He cannot reveal himself or his intentions. Ra Yi Eon wanted to open up a dumpling stall...

The Wind Blows (2019)

The Wind Blows

Rank #3110

“The Wind Blows” is a story about a man who decided to divorce his beloved wife after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and a woman who decided to divorce her husband...

Moonlit Winter (2019)

Moonlit Winter

Rank #3653

Yoon Hee lives with her teenage daughter Sae Bom. On a winter day, Yoon Hee receives a letter from Otaru, Japan. Sae Bom accidentally reads the letter and learns about...

My Little Brother (2017)

My Little Brother

Rank #4164

Three siblings are introduced to a younger brother they never knew they had. (Source: tvN Asia)...

Alone In Love (2006)

Alone In Love

Rank #5098

Lee Dong Jin and Yoo Eun Ho got divorced 2 years ago, but somehow they keep meeting each other for some odd reason. Even after they’ve gotten a divorce, they...

Can We Love? (2014)

Can We Love?

Rank #6306

Jung Wan, Sun Mi, and Ji Hyun were high school classmates. It’s been 20 years since graduation and as they turn 39, the three friends are leading completely different lives,...

I Am Legend (2010)

I Am Legend

Rank #7403

Jun Seol Hee recently divorced after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her high-flying lawyer husband, Cha Ji Wook, and his arrogant family. Determined to get her...

Paradise Farm

Paradise Farm

Rank #8245

Dong Joo and Da Ji were once desperately in love and married at 19 after struggling to convince their parents, but they had divorced after a mere six months. Six...

I'm Sorry Kang Nam Goo (2016)

I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo

Rank #48923

A lethal but innocent love story of a man who only pursued success for his family towards a woman who lost everything after finding her husband’s rich parents....

Clean Up (2019)

Clean Up

Rank #49026

Jung Ju has lost her son to heart disease and can’t break free from the pain of that loss. She spends most of her waking hours working, drinking and going...

Amor Fati (2021)

Amor Fati

Rank #49959

A healing drama about the reset of the lives of people who stand up again in a moment of despair. A single woman fighting cancer and a penniless single father...

Snow In August

Snow In August

Rank #50345

A 27-year-old single with a six-year-old son falls for Choo Sang Mi, a thirty-three-year-old divorcee. Her husband cheated on her and she suffers from the pain of losing their son...

Second Proposal (2004)

Second Proposal

Rank #50399

Jang Mi Young was a happily married mother of 2 when she finds out her husband is having an affair. This results in a divorce, and her husband and his...

Please Marry Me

Please Marry Me

Rank #52976

Jung Im closes down the shop early in preparation for her father-in-law’s 60th birthday. Yet, his sons and daughters are nowhere to be found, and so as her husband Tae...

A French Woman (2020)

A French Woman

Rank #53757

Mira, in her late 40´s, has been living in Paris for around 20 years. Having just divorced her French husband, she decides to visit Korea, and meets her old friends,...

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars

Rank #54611

Ji Na and Sang Min are a divorced couple. Rather than going their separate ways, they keep taking revenge on each other....

A Singing Goose (2018)

A Singing Goose

Rank #55066

Yoon-yeong has been harboring feelings for Song-hyeon, a friend’s wife. When he finds out that she is divorced, Yoon-yeong and Song-hyeon take a trip to firearmsan on a whim. They...

Happy Together

Happy Together

Rank #55283

Jeong Im’s husband comes out of the closet and the two divorce. One day, she sleeps with a young man, Byeong Seok. To her surprise, he is her daughter’s boyfriend....