DIA (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

Master Key (2017)

Master Key

Rank #1388

The top stars will become attractive game players in order to participate in upgraded games, which are different from the former ones in other TV shows. All the players should...

Hello Counselor: Season 1 (2010)

Hello Counselor Season 1

Rank #2052

Hello Counselor is a talk show with an emphasis on regular people, regardless of age or gender, that aims to help take down communication barriers by sharing stories about life....

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships (2018)

2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships

Rank #2157

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a South Korean television program which aired for the first time in 2010. The program features celebrities, most notably Korean pop idols singers and...

Unpretty Rapstar 3 (2016)

Unpretty Rapstar Season 3

Rank #4828

The third season of the music competition program focusing on female rappers....

K-RUSH: Season 3 (2018)

K-RUSH Season 3

Rank #36399

Each episode will inform you about guest idols latest news and touristic places in Gyeonggi-do....

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys (2017)

History Repletion: Oh! Cool Guys

Rank #36572

The cast and guests of the show go around Korea and learn about history of Korea through various places of interest....

I.O.I Amigo TV (2016)

I.O.I Amigo TV

Rank #36679

Olleh TV’s web-variety show ‘Amigo TV’ is a fan favorite and focuses on webshows, sorta like what dingomusic does, but with idols in a variety format, their slogan is “crazy...

You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook (2009)

You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Rank #37131

Each week, musicians (usually 3–4) appear as guests to perform and talk with the MC You Hee Yeol for 10–15 minutes. (Source: Wikipedia)...

After Mom Goes to Sleep (2017)

After Mom Goes to Sleep

Rank #37314

Kpop idols try to prepare food while mom goes to sleep. They need to be quiet, otherwise they must put on disguises for punishment....

Begin A Game (2018)

Begin a Game

Rank #37367

“Begin a Game” is a 2018 South Korean game program in which its guests will play games and share stories of past memories relating to said game. (Source: Hankook Ilbo)...

K-RUSH (2017)

K-RUSH Season 1

Rank #38282

KBS World Magazine K-RUSH is a weekly half-hour series featuring the latest in K-star news. Focusing mainly on K-pop and KBS drama, it is expected to bring Korea closer to...

Standby I.O.I (2016)

Standby I.O.I

Rank #40650


Video Star: Season 1 (2016)

Video Star Season 1

Rank #40659

Video Star is a South Korean talk show hosted by Kim Sook, Park Na Rae, Park So Hyun, and Sunny. Video Star is a spin-off program based on the concept...

V-1 (2019)


Rank #41573

“V-1” will be a girl group vocalist survival program that picks the best “Vocal Queen” among Korea’s girl group members. The title is a combination of the letter “V” from...

Hidden Singer: Season 4 (2015)

Hidden Singer Season 4

Rank #45230

The mechanics are a famous singer and several impersonators of the singer. Each person sings one measure of a song behind the blinds for four rounds. In the first three...

Saturday Night Live Korea: Season 1 (2011)

Saturday Night Live Korea Season 1

Rank #45722

A South Korean late-night live television sketch comedy and variety television program broadcast on general service cable channel tvN. It is adapted from the long-running American TV show Saturday Night...

DIA's YOLO Trip (2017)


Rank #46971

Girl group DIA travels to Tokyo and do lot’s of stuff, from shopping and visiting well-known food spots to touring famous places....

Good Friends (2019)

Good Friends

Rank #99999

A celebrity plus 3 of their friends form a team, with four teams in total, and challenge against the other teams in various situations, playing games and missions in order...

City Escape Live (2020)

City Escape Live

Rank #99999