Devil Korean Dramas & Movies

When the Devil Calls Your Name (2019)

When the Devil Calls Your Name

Rank #2033

To become one of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after songwriters, you have to have talent, inspiration, and passion. But to reach the level of popularity obtained by Ha Rip, you...

The Divine Fury (2019)

The Divine Fury

Rank #2168

Yong Hoo lost his father in an accident when he was a child. Ever since then, he has distrusted and resented people. Now, he is champion in martial arts. He...

The Priests

The Priests

Rank #4788

A young girl who belongs to Father Kim’s parish becomes comatose after a hit-and-run accident. Father Kim and a rebellious young seminarian named Choi believe that she is possessed by...

Metamorphosis (2019)


Rank #5014

An evil spirit that changes faces infiltrates one family placing one brother in danger while the other tries to save him. (Source: HanCinema)...

Devil's Diary (2016)

Devil’s Diary

Rank #49401

Cheon Nara, whose name literally means ‘heaven’, is a normal lady working a normal office job who suddenly starts seeing glimpses of a man in suits smirking at her. She...

Three Days

Three Days

Rank #99999

Cha Seung Do’s daughter dies suddenly. Her funeral will take place in 3 days. During the funeral, the devil wakes up from the heart of her dead body. Catholic Priest...